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  1. Got DSL now. For a long time it wasn't available here, the only choices were overpriced cable or satellite, or dialup. Choices have improved, we got reasonably-priced DSL - and it's waaaay faster than crappy dialup. :jump:
  2. Google is all about making money; this doesn't surprise me a bit.
  3. I think Facebook's entire UI sucks, but the apps are the worst - and they're deceiving everybody if they pretend there's any security there. People keep sending me game requests, even though I've repeatedly replied that I don't do Facebook games. I finally gave up, now I just ignore them.
  4. Did you run the Mcafee uninstaller in safe mode? Might work better that way.
  5. Your problem may have nothing to do with Avast, but some users have had severe problems with Avast 7. I'm one of them - I've switched to Avira. It wasn't easy to pin these troubles on Avast. They crept up on me months after the update to v 7, reportedly it started with the minor update to v 7.0.1426. It ranged from some of the tray icons missing after bootup, all the way to just wallpaper with no icons or taskbar. The computer would freeze in any case, I'd have to punch the power button to get out of it. It didn't happen every time, but it gradually got more frequent until the computer was about unusable. http://forum.avast.c...p?topic=94171.0 has discussion of this bug; if your problems resemble those described there you should suspect Avast. It appears only a small percentage of users are affected, however.
  6. I used PC Decrapifier on my present computer last fall, after I discovered the BIOS wouldn't accept anything but an OEM install. I was very happy with the way it worked. It will at least get rid of the "commonly bundled useless junk". It doesn't meet all your criteria, but I don't think any program in existence does.
  7. You're welcome. Guess it was pretty dirty. Still would be a good idea to add an intake fan, an idle temp below 40 C would be preferable. 80 mm fans are cheap, so why not add one?. For that matter, a better cooler wouldn't be too expensive - a lot more trouble, though, I'd try another case fan first. And remember to blow the dust out once in a while.
  8. My old Duron CPU would crash when it reached 95 C - and it had a max temp of 90 C, they were some of the hottest-running units ever made. Modern CPUs, instead of just crashing, reduce power to cool down. That means something has to be badly out of whack to get one that hot. That's why I wondered if the heat sink was loose - though it could just be really clogged with dust. Wouldn't have thought it could be that dirty if you recently worked on it.
  9. So, not an April Fools joke? I had my doubts - 95 C is really. really hot. Yes, cleaning the CPU fan and heatsink is the first thing you should do - may help a lot. Make sure you have unrestricted airflow around your case vents, and that they're not sucking in hot air from some other heat source. You seem to have a good handle on what it takes to fix this. Good luck, hopefully you won't have to go all the way to step #4. :rolleyes:
  10. With a little search for the specs of that CPU, I found that the maximum temp is supposed to be 72.4 C. So no, that's way too hot. Is the heatsink clamped down properly?
  11. You managed to find more than I could, at least. Looks like you have to subscribe to the mailing list to find out much more - maybe they hope to discourage those outside the target group from getting it. Probably won't work - lots of people besides business users dislike the rapid update schedule and would like to get it. It's on a separate release/update channel, but is there any other difference from the standard browser? Changing the update channel you're on is a really trivial matter, anybody can do it. I wouldn't be surprised if instructions for doing so are soon posted around the Web, and many people start switching to this channel so they get only security updates.
  12. Enterprise/Firefox/ExtendedSupport:Proposal - MozillaWiki explains the ESR plan in detail. The ESR will come out after that 12-week testing period I mentioned above. They say it will be "based on" Firefox 10, but AFAICT it will be identical to Firefox 10 except it will get only security and stability updates (that part is a little murky).
  13. Have you checked out the Web Developer tools which are included in this version? Moving on, I should mention that this is the first Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox. To meet the needs of business users who can't deal with updating so often, this release will be supported for 54 weeks. The next ESR will be produced 12 weeks before this one's end-of-life date, to give sysadmins time for testing and deployment - thus, it will be Firefox 17. If you don't like the hidden forward button, you can use a custom theme which doesn't have it.
  14. Right on! (raises fist - you can sure tell I was around in the 60s, can't you?) These bills would wreck the Internet. If you care about a free and open Web, let your voice be heard - our Senators and Representatives must be made to realize that this is not acceptable. Google "sopa pipa petition" and you'll find a whole bunch of places to add your voice.
  15. Welcome to Lunarsoft! Yes, Norton sucks - used to use it years ago, 'til malware rendered the computer unuseable. Glad you found your way here, you won't go wrong with the programs in the AMT. Now you should post a HijackThis! log (on the designated forum), find out if there's anything else you should remove.
  16. To start the new year, I put up this Drew Barrymore picture. No explanation needed: Happy New Year, everybody! :yay:
  17. They're now saying the 12.0 release will include x64, for whatever that's worth. In the mean time, the Nightlies are pretty good.
  18. Not hard at all - Nightly and Aurora are not named Firefox so they automatically install into their own named folder, creating one if it doesn't exist. With Betas you have to choose a "custom" install and direct it to install in a folder you manually create, or you can use the Portable versions. Uncheck the "start...now" box unless you want to use your existing profile (which is risky). I'm too tired to go on, the rest of the info is here: Installing and running multiple versions of Firefox. • mozillaZine Forums
  19. With only 6 weeks between major updates, not likely to be many security/stability patches in between; 1 or 2 is probably going to be the new norm. As for add-on compatibility, they're changing to a system where add-ons will be enabled by default: Solving Firefox’s add-on compatibility problem « Blair’s Brain. Add-on authors won't necessarily have to update for every new Firefox version jump, only if a problem is reported will that be needed. This is already enabled in Nightly 12.0a1 builds. An extension, Add-on Compatibility Reporter, has been created that makes it easy for testers to report any incompatible add-ons. This ought to result in problems being caught before final release. Sure hope it works.
  20. I run Nightly most of the time, rarely crashes. Every once in a while, though, there's a build that's really bad - always keep the stable version installed to fall back on.
  21. ...and the list a bit loooong based on the complete list of changes fixed by the new version. I admit I don't know how to interpret the list, it's long, maybe some of the items are from a todo list. Santa has fewer chimneys to slide down than there are bug IDs. I think that list includes all the changes in 9.0, the one at the top of the list is the crash that was fixed in 9.0.1.
  22. I brought back an old favorite from 2007 - Gisele in a Santa hat. I did some improvement to the hat, as if anybody's going to be paying attention to that. I figured out the posting problem - the ImageShack links are already formatted, you need to just paste them in. :dunce:
  23. I had been toggling the editor for previous posts, but I thought the bugs were supposed to be fixed in the new editor so I gave it a try. Obviously it's still buggy.
  24. The forum editor here produced that erroneous code. I clicked the Image button, inserted the forum thumbnail link from ImageShack in the URL field, and that's what came out.
  25. When I look at the post with the classic editor, the first one has two tags ahead of the URL.
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