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    greenknight got a reaction from Tarun in Windows 10 free upgrade   
    No doubt that was the problem. Another reason to do a clean install, if you don't have lots of extra HD space. I just did some research and found out you can remove those recovery files with the Disk Cleanup utility, just select clean up system files. You lose the option to roll back then, of course.
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    greenknight reacted to NewsBot in Windows 10 will stop sharing Wi-Fi passwords   
    Microsoft is removing part of its controversial Wi-Fi Sense feature from Windows 10. "We have removed the Wi-Fi Sense feature that allows you to share Wi-Fi networks with your contacts and to be automatically connected to networks shared by your contacts," says Microsoft's Gabe Aul. "The cost of updating the code to keep this feature working combined with low usage and low demand made this not worth further investment."
    Wi-Fi Sense was originally introduced on Windows Phone and then updated and included with Windows 10. It's a feature that lets you automatically connect to open hotspots, and share your Wi-Fi passwords with contacts. Some security experts had expressed concerns over Windows 10 automatically connecting to open hotspots, but Microsoft is keeping this feature in place. Wi-Fi Sense's password sharing feature generated unnecessary noise from people who didn't understand it wasn't sharing all Wi-Fi passwords by default, but Microsoft has clearly received enough data and feedback to show that it's not widely used.
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    greenknight reacted to NewsBot in Rise of Ad Blocking Is the Ad Industry's Fault, Says Outgoing FTC Commissioner   
    A commissioner at the US Federal Trade Commission who is leaving the agency after six years of working on consumer privacy issues has some critical words for the ad industry.
    Speaking with Ad Age, departing FTC commissioner Julie Brill lamented the current state of consumer tracking and data collection on the web, linking the rampant rise of ad blockers with the ad industry's foot-dragging and non-cooperation in the commission's efforts to create privacy systems based on user consent.
    "We've seen an incredible rise in consumers taking matters into their own hands, which is precisely what I said would happen back then," said Brill, who has tackled a host of consumer privacy issues during her tenure at the FTC.
    Like many critics, Brill points to Do Not Track, the failed system meant to allow consumers to opt-out of invasive tracking by flagging their browsers, which the ad industry fought tooth-and-nail and eventually killed by ignoring the flags outright. She says that the industry's resistance to doing things the “easy” way is at least partly to blame for the consumer response.
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    greenknight reacted to Tarun in Firefox 64-bit launch?   
    It looks like Firefox 64-bit may have launched to the stable channels. I was poking around earlier when I saw 42.0 b1 x64 had landed. I checked for a stable build and when I added 64 after win, I got a successful download.
    It sure looks like a stable build, is this official? I hope so!
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    greenknight reacted to fredvries in How to change the search engine in Microsoft Edge   
    Microsoft Edge comes with Microsoft's own default search engine, Bing.com. That's not a problem if you like Bing but it is if you want another search engine, such as Google.
    The solution is a bit elaborate.
    - Open Microsoft Edge and goto 'Google.com'
    - Select the “…” more menu in the top right corner
    - Select Settings from the menu
    - Scroll down to “View  advanced settings” and hit the button
    - Scroll down to “Search in the address bar with” and hit the button
    - Choose “Add new”
    - You'll now see a list of available search engines
    - Choose “Add as default” 
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    greenknight reacted to Tarun in Lunarsoft Forums updated to 4.0.7   
    A change was made behind the scenes that has further optimized the forums. Scores and page load times have improved.

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    greenknight got a reaction from Tarun in removing meteoroids   
    I found a few sites (a couple of them reputable) that have removal instructions for "Meteoroids", an adware that hooks itself into web browsers - perhaps that's what you have? It appears that you can remove it with AdwCleaner: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/adwcleaner.html
    (I've used it myself, good program).<edit> see 2 posts down for details
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    greenknight reacted to Tarun in Venturing into the land of Linux   
    Over the past few days I've been messing with my home server and trying different Linux distros.

    I've gone from:
    Ubuntu > Xubuntu > Arch (trying to set it up but realizing I'm not ready for it yet) > Xubuntu > Manjaro

    So far, Manjaro XFCE has been to my liking. Fewer issues and things have been much easier to set up on that old machine. Just a shame the hardware is so old. P4 3.4GHz, 3GB RAM, and recently had to downgrade the PSU and graphics card (128MB card because the one before - a 512MB - had the fan go bad and make a lot of noise despite trying to fix it) in order to have a working, silent server PC once more.
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    greenknight got a reaction from Chuck Bonetti in HIJACK THIS log file.. DOSEARCHES has invaded my comp   
    Both Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware create scan logs by default - unless you've either deleted the logs or uninstalled the programs, the logs should be there.
    Also, it may have hijacked the shortcuts that open the browsers. I skimmed through a thread on the Malwarebytes forum where they assisted a user in removing DOSEARCHES, and after everything should have been cleaned out there was still a problem - turned out that the browser shortcuts were opening DOSEARCHES. Right-click on the browser shortcuts, select "Properties", and check the Target - it should contain nothing but the path to the browser program, for example:
    "C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe".
    Edit out anything else.
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    greenknight got a reaction from Eldmannen in 0 A.D.   
    "Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of "0 A.D. Alpha 11 Kronos", the eleventh alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare. This alpha features new Celtic factions, many improvements to the graphics, functional gates, a new sound system, improved AI and more!" - from the Wildfire Games web site.

    I've been trying out 0 A.D., very good-looking game. As it's an alpha, there are a few bugs and missing features, but it's very playable. It's a real-time strategy game along the lines of Age of Empires/Age of Kings, with beautiful 3-D graphics, built on its own unique game engine. Campaigns haven't been implemented yet, but there are a variety of scenarios that can be played, or you can play on a random map. Unfortunately, lag gets to be very bad if you play with more than 2 factions on the map; I would recommend sticking to the "2-player" scenarios until that's fixed.

    Check it out, it's at http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/
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    greenknight reacted to Tarun in Dennis Ritchie 1941-2011   
    Found on many sites about his death:

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    greenknight reacted to 0_0 in Topic preview on hover added   
    I agree progress must move forward, but...

    ...you can add all the widgets you want (including ads), if the site has an identity crisis - people wont stay, they may register, but what's the average post count after say 2 or 3 (beyond asking for help)? Are they contributing to the site, do they stick around to create a social community or network as you put it?

    I admit, the recent changes left me (just my opinion) with the impression you're going for a more automated format - with the news etc - and were turning away from a social site. All I know is, I don't blame any site for lots of content and my slow connection's inability to deliver it fast - if the content is there I will wait for it.

    On the other hand - lack of content=no good reason to stay=byebye - I believe this is the standard reaction from most visitors to a floundering internet presence.

    Anyway, good luck :)
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    greenknight got a reaction from Tarun in Microsoft do not want to improve privacy of IE   
    You think Google respects your privacy? Dream on; they collect more information than anyone. Chrome is not the browser for those who want to avoid being tracked on the Web.
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