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  1. greenknight's post in removing meteoroids was marked as the answer   
    I should have read more carefully - I thought they were recommending MBAM as an extra scan after AdwCleaner (which is a good idea, actually). I have found that AdwCleaner removes some junkware that MBAM doesn't. Pretty safe - it gives the option to unselect programs you don't want deleted, and it quarantines those it does so you can restore them if needed.
    My only knock on it is that it resets some Firefox preferences that are not a problem - and you can't unselect those changes. Nothing that can't be restored, but it is a pain. Worth it if you have stubborn adware that you can't remove otherwise, but might be better to try Malwarebytes  Anti-Malware  first.
    My recommendation with AdwCleaner is to run a scan and see what it finds, skip the removal step if there's nothing important found.
  2. greenknight's post in Virtual Box was marked as the answer   
    You have to point the VM to the location where the OS is located. It's been several years since I used Virtual Box, so I couldn't remember the exact procedure off the top of my head, but a quick search found this page: http://superuser.com/questions/69202/virtualbox-fatal-no-bootable-medium-found-system-halted
    I only used ISO files in Virtual Box, myself. You could make an ISO from your Win95 disk, many CD burning programs can do that. They're said to load faster than a CD.
  3. greenknight's post in I need help to remove babylon toolbar was marked as the answer   
    MajorGeeks hosts a program that will clean that out,Junkware Removal Tool .
    I've used it, seems to be pretty safe - makes a backup of your registry before it removes anything. I recommend MajorGeeks as a download site, they have a wide selection of software which has all been tested free of malware.
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