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  1. Whats the program called?
  2. Ok, I'm not very good at describing things but here it goes... I am currently using a speedstream 6520 (Siemens I believe) and I am connected to the modem via ethernet and NOT usb as that was what was recommended by my isp. For a while I had no problems whatsoever but recently the modem has been suddenly stopping (the dsl light specifically) cutting me off from my precious online games. So, I was just wondering, why my dsl router is suddenly stopping? It will stop and then come back, but boy is it annoying because it happens frequently! I might be going camping soon, so if I'm not able t
  3. Ryan


    Hey, I know I haven't been around for a while but I've actually experimented with some desktop shells. I tried blackbox which is actually pretty decent, but definitely not for a novice. I'm having a little bit of trouble with it. I found a couple of programs (I'm not sure were mentioned in the forums) namely rainlendar and rainmeter which I find especially appealing. Also, I don't know if anyone has tried rocket dock here, but I also find that pretty cool and a good compliment to Blackbox. Rocket dock basically gives you the more graphical Mac menu which enlarges icons as you pass over them.
  4. Cool, I'll have to try RegCompact.Net once I'm done backing up my stuff, and reformattiong. Thanks again, Ryan
  5. Thats great! Answered all my questions, I figured it would be hard to find a freeware defragmenter, which was sort of why I threw it in at the end. The MSAS real time scanner is what I have been using since it came out (even tried it when it was GIANT), and I have never had a problem with it. Maybe its just the way the name Arovax rolls off of your tongue...Arovax....I don't know something just kept telling me to try it out. But I'll stick with MSAS if it is better. FF is something that I have never had a problem with, it was just curiosity, I just remember Opera when it was adbased. Thanks al
  6. Hey again, just me with some more annoying questions Like I've said in some of my other posts, I'm reformatting and completely starting from scratch. I'm backing up all my important documents and photos, and reformatting the whole system. I have three questions which are somewhat troubling me. I've done some research into what the good freeware programs seem to be and I've tested many of them on my computer at home. After doing this research, I made a list of programs which I'm going to install after the format In order to complete my list of programs to reinstall on my computer (the li
  7. I found ABI word in the Freeware section. I still haven't dled it yet as I'm still at home for the holidays, but I'm getting ready to go back. I was wondering if ABI word has an insert page numbers function, because I need all these things for my university papers. I'm not at my own computer right now, otherwise I'd try it out. Thanks for the recommendation btw. Ryan
  8. Ryan


    I've finally decided to give up on my snail of a comp and give in to my urge to reformat the **** thing. Now, it was recommended to me that I partition the drive after I'm done reformatting, the reason being that it somehow speeds up the drive and its better for defragmentation. My first question, is this true? And if it is true, how and the heck do you partition? I remember doing it long ago with my friends comp but I haven't done it since I was 11 or something like that. Also, how much space should I allocate for each partition? I think it is a 36 gig drive (I know I'll upgrade it soon), I'm
  9. Hey *hyuk* I ain't no darn redneck dangit!
  10. I'm looking for a good free word processor. Which one would you recommend? I don't mind the open office one, but its spellchecker doesn't appear to be working, it says everything I type is correct! Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance. Your friend, Ryan
  11. Good choice on both counts (the x700 is usually a good card, but your gforce n6600 is pretty good as well ) Its too bad you had problems with your ATI card. Take it easy, Ryan
  12. Now, I run the maintenance for my parents comp and I'm home for the holidays. I was wondering if the arovax shield (which is interesting me greatly) uses alot of CPU and RAM because this is a laptop with only 512 ram and a 1.4ghz processor. I'm running MSAS which I'm quite pleased with, but I'm only willing to run one resident scanner, because the computer is a little slow as it is So what do you recommend for a resident scanner, arovax or MSAS? I haven't had a problem with MSAS, and normally I go by the old proverb "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but that arovax shield seems pretty ****
  13. If you were planning on seeing The Chronicles of Narnia, I would say wait for it to come out to DVD before you spend the ten bucks to see it in the theatre. THough it has OK cgi, (not the best), it is one of those movies I can't bring myself to say it sucks (because I love cgi and fantasy), but at the same time, it lacks a good storyline, and there is only one major battle scene which is actually quite disappointing. But, once again, the reluctance to say it sucks sets in. THere are some lovable characters ranging from a noble talking lion, a sly fox (which unfortunately doesn't have a big par
  14. Wow, thats crazy, and I thought your general shoplifters give you enough to talk about amongst your co-workers So she actually had the guts (and lack of brain) to try and outrun the cops, get a criminal record, be sued, and possibly jailed over an 800.00 tool set? **** Take it easy, Ryan
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