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  1. Yes, that's the name "Sanity Check" I use it to check for hidden rootkits, but I should clarify, the program states that as a general rule programmers should not use that mehtod of hooking unless they are very very good, so as you say it's part of vista so probably no issue there. It was merely pointing out the methods which it used should only and can only be done by extremely good programmers, otherwise it is probably some sort of Rootkit activity of a general nature which could cause more problems as it could very easily make windows unstable.
  2. Up for discussion: What do you guys think, is this a potential problem in UPH Cleanup. This is the result of a scan using " Sanity Check" , the results of the scan are posted here:The application says UPH is intercepting system services. I know its purpose but is theier arisk using the program causing a even bigger issue. System routines are being intercepted One or more system services are being intercepted on your system. This could be initiated by a rootkit or malware but there is also the possibility a security product is responsible for this. With the indications given you should f
  3. Hi, its the Caveman here: A little info on Spy Counter: I believe it started as Cybermedia Cleaner, then Microsoft bought the good app, turned it into crap with Microsoft anti-spyware, then some other company bought the engines, revamped it and called it Spy Counter. OK now for testing results, I read all the media hype and so-called editors picks and top scoring of this product. I tested it ver. 2.5, updated for free to vers. 3. standard and Vipre is all hype, used it on many computers. It found the odd trojan and malware issues but really super-antispyware and malwarebytes found all the same
  4. Hey Greenliaght, thanks for the interest, I actually went back to thier site and downloaded the "portable version", no install necessary, it works great, its a great tool to show all the Vundo entries and select them to be removed and the reboot.
  5. Note on SAS: I have used it 7 to 10 times a day on client computers for quite awhile now, I'm surprised it took so long to add it. Its afirst rate app. and very effective.
  6. update# 4: more info on Osam Autorun Manager, I like this app more and more, it's like Unhackme and and Regassasin and Unlocker in one easy scan format and a whole lot more and Its free. Warning: Only experienced Techs should test or use this product ok. OSAM" (Online Solutions Autorun Manager) is a powerful and reliable tool for controlling the 'cleanliness' of components and applications that are automatically loaded or started under certain conditions without user's consent. "OSAM" provides an easy one-click way of obtaining detailed information about the components that are ru
  7. Update#: the Company forums tlak aboutthe direct access to the hard-drive as a good thing as do some of the reader to enable the scanners Direct Disk Access feature for raw data. NO word on direct access to keyboard yet.
  8. Update#2: I emailed the Company in Russia re; the Keybaord access request concern i have , and checked out the other things in the program, Interesting is there full instructions on using the program to get rid of all the Trojan Vundo problems. Very nice: Link is here for the Visdeo and Instructions within OSAM Automanager: http://www.online-solutions.ru/en/how_to_remove_vundo_trojan_virtumonde.php VUNDO TROJAN REMOVAL How to remove the Vundo Trojan (also known as Virtumonde, Virtumondo, Virtumundo, Monder, Monderb, MS Juan) using the OSAM Autorun Manager (Portable Version, 3.6
  9. Update on Autorun Manager: after install and running the program, it removed the few things I choose to remove, and then I scanned my entire system with SAS, Malwarebytes, 5 rootkit scanners, Hi-jack This, Kasperskey A/V tool, Avira Anti-virus, Pest Patrol by CA, AVAST A/V tool, unhackme 4.8, SBS& D, and DAF to see if any policies restriction had taken place. Well everything was except 5 cookies found. So, it looks ok so far, But I'm still concerned about the program wanting direct access to my keyboard.
  10. OK, I checked out one of our Visitors requests at our for an an evaluation of his product. Said he had a new security software company in RU. Flags went off right away, but I checked out the site and downloaded OSAM Auto Manager. Interesting product, upon Installing it things were going well, then Comodo firewall flagged a request for direct access to my Keyboard, ohhh, I din't like that and said " deny access" this is a great example of why Comodo Firewall Pro is an excellent product. the product Install continued , no bad effect from saying "NO access" , then it asked for Direct access to th
  11. Try to do a system restore first, Press F8 on start, selct safe mode, select " no and go back a week. Then after its done, unistall ZA ,its crap like Tarun said. Run your scans, then install Comodo and watch what it asks you. ok. Hope this helps. Regards Caveman
  12. I agree PC Tools Spyware Doctor slows down your system, is bloatware and ineffective crap. Love this Site. Tell it like it is, if millions are using it , or should we say conned or duped into buying it, as the ads for this crap are everywhere. They must pay big kick-backs to websites that push Spyware Doctor crap.
  13. Hey Tarun, can you please investigate Paretologic, I thing most of there stuff is crap and should be blacklisted.
  14. Note: Update on Rootkit Unhooker from Caveman: Microsoft now owns Rootkit Unhooker and SEye….”As you can guess all our source code and concept were sold to MS. The new secret project of Micosoft is SEye ...
  15. Nothing against Windows Defender, but its a pain in the rear when I try to connect remotely to a Vista computer, it will often block my attempt, yeah I know maybe its supposed to do that, but even after the client tells it to allow or ignore and I'm coming in on port 80 Geez, and it's freezing me out. I'm all for Super-Antispyware free version, I use it 10 times a day on computers. It's rated in my top 5 tools for cleaning up malware and trojans, great engines, always improving the product, d*** nice program. Windows defender is a real time application but to me its just a real pain in the rea
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