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  1. DAF would not cause that problem it simply reverts XP settings back to normal. If over a short period of time you lose a lot of space , then look for a utility that came pre-loaded on your system that makes image backups in a hidden directory, I know some toshiba's do that and also leveno's. there is a special key to hit to access the area and stop the backup imaging and recover your lost space. Google: Leveno or Toshiba if that is your laptop brand with the words, hidden backups. Regards Caveman
  2. I agree with Tarun, 'A-squared" is like :"Trojan Remover" all talk, no action and has been around for quite some time, used it many years ago and it was not effective then and the latest re-incarnation is not useful at all to me personally.
  3. HI everyone,I just joined , I do remote computer service everyday all over the world, my first suggestion for the serious tech is Unhackme" 4.8 version, make sure you realize it shows some good entries in its scan results upon booting up, use the " ask others" button for a rating of good or bad before you remove it if your not sure.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been reading everything here and its pretty accurate stuff, I'll make some suggestions soon to help improve this great site information. I troubleshoot and fix computer problems every day 12 hours a day, sometimes more if my wife doesn't catch me at my computer. I support client all over the world remotely. I have a love / hate relationship with Malware and Viruses and other Nasty's out there inthe wild, as I make a good living off other peoples problems fixing the issues. But I'll retire soon to my private little Island if the Phillippines soon, so I'll share my experience and knowledge here so others can help and maybe make some bucks too, hehe!!! If there are any single guys out there who like beautiful women, let me know: <y wife has 20 cousins waiting, haha. Anyway my first recommendation for essential malware/ rootkit removal tool is "Unhackme" 4.8 version. Careful don't rush out there and start using it until you understand that it shows good stuff and bad entries so read the info itis telling you before you kill it. Its a lifesafer.
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