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  1. Red light? A number of motherboards (as you may already know) have a small LED which glows to show that standby power is applied (i.e. that the power supply is plugged-in to the mains, basically) but all the ones I've seen to-date have been green, not red.

  2. Did you ever get this to boot again?


    Looking at your stripped-down list I've previously had motherboards fail to boot without a HD attached. I've also had motherboards fail to boot without a video card attached.


    What put you off Ubuntu and on to Manjaro?

  3. It's no excuse for poor/lazy network admins. What Mozilla did was a necessary thing and it's sad to hear that they reverted due to pressure from people that need to be better educated in this and better handling/securing their networks.




    Actually, it was the diligent network admins who have a custom/premium support contract with Oracle (giving them access to java 6 update 65, for example, which is not available to the general public) who were complaining. They were faced with a custom version of java runtime on thousands, or tens of thousands of computers, necessary for internal LoB applications, which wouldn't run.

  4. I'd like to know which users in London pay "only" $15/month for 2 GB of data on their mobile.


    Currently, on t-mobile's UK website that gets you only 500 MB, only a quarter of the service level expected. and that's for a SIM-only deal.


    There are no 2 GB of data deals, 1GB costs around $18, and 3 GB comes in at about $25 at current exchange rates.


    Maybe they mean something else?



  5. Loads of web forms have hidden fields, although they are not usually maliciously designed to capture sensitive personal details, credit card details etc.


    There's an update to the original article, clarifying that the function is requestAutocomplete(), presumably called in JavaScript, althought an original blog post (by Alex MacCaw) referred to by the updated original article (by Joost de Valk) has a rather alarming example of the form being completely hidden. :shocking:


    Thankyou, but NO thankyou. I'm going to continue to make sure I have Autocomplete turned off, as always.





  6. I don't know what all the complaints are about - they're not preventing anyone from using Java, just requiring one extra click to allow it.


    Not true. It was actually block listed, as well as being Click-to-play (by Mozilla) as well as also being Click-to-play (by Oracle).


    Being on the blocklist meant that if you did not normally have the Navigation toolbar showing, then there was no way to run Java at all.


    The decision (now reverted) caused quite an argument both on the Mozilla Enterprise mailing list (that's the one for IT Admins who roll out the ESR version of Firefox over their networks) as well as on Bugzilla.

  7. Glad to hear it. Don't get down on yourself, I wouldn't have thought of that either - neither did the helper on that Malwarebytes thread. The guy being helped came up with that on his own, after he'd run everything including the kitchen sink and still had a problem. The malware scanners should have fixed that, but for some reason didn't.




    +1 Not sure I would have thought of that either.


    I can see why it got past the scanners, though: scanners usually look for a hijacked Home Page, without checking shortcuts sitting on the Desktop. Since the shortcut itself has been changed, there is no Home Page hijack. It will also (obviously, when you think about it) survive the scanner resetting the Home Page. Unless scanners are updated to spot this one, they will just regard the shortcut as yet one more user-created custom shortcut.



  8. Notepad++ v6.5 new features and bug fixes:

    1. Update Scintilla to 3.3.4
    2. Add CoffeeScript support.
    3. Add multi-paste support for multi-selection/column mode.
    4. Add new feature: auto-close parentheses, quotes, bracket and matched xml/html tag.
    5. Add php, perl, xml, batch, ini and nsis for the build-in function list.
    6. Add User Defined Languages support for the build-in function list.
    7. Add reload feature in function list.
    8. Fix a minor problem of file extension support for the build-in function list.
    9. Fix a tag matching bug by disabling tag matching inside PHP code blocks.
    10. Fix right-to-left text after closing document map bug.
    11. Fix cancelling shutdown make Notepad++ quit w/o saving files bug.
    12. Enhance "Begin/End select" feature: Check "Begin/End select" menu item when active.
    13. Enhance Mark all feature: 2 options "Match case" and "Match whole word only" in Find/Replace dialog.
    14. Fix a Replace dialog status bar display problem by clearing status bar before processing any action.
    15. Add new feature: if Notepad++ is running as administrator, display this info on the title bar.
    16. Rename "block comment" to "Single line comment" and "stream comment" to "block comment".
    17. Remove invalid command "Online Documentation".


  9. Well that's worthy of a :megarant:


    Don't know who "Dice" are, but this behaviour is going to make them well known for all the wrong reasons. Not so much famous as infamous.




    Having declined the "offer" of the crapware, what do you get? do you eventually get the true installer at all?


    It's notable what appears on the filezilla-project* website itself, on the download page:



    This installer may include bundled offers. Check below for more options


    If you then open up the "show all" option on the download page, the above warning disappears.


    If you hover over the download link, with your mouse, you then find out why there is no more warning  -- the download of the installer is no longer from SourceForge, but from http://download.filezilla-project.org/ itself!




    *NB: The website URL for FileZilla is https://filezilla-project.org/ NOT, repeat NOT filezilla DOT org


  10. Firefox 21.0 has been released.


    New in Firefox 21 is the "Health Report", which is, according to Johnathan Nightingale, Vice President of Firefox Engineering:


    ... a new system we’ve built to log basic health information about your browser (time to start up, total running time, number of crashes, &c), and then give you tools to understand that information and fix any problems you encounter. The initial report is pretty simple, but it will evolve and grow in the coming months

    Source: https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2013/05/14/firefox-heal-thyself/


    Firefox 21.0 also includes 8 Security fixes, 3 of which are rated critical.


    Firefox (referred to as Fx) is an open source browser developed by Mozilla. The second most popular browser worldwide, Firefox features a customizable user interface that allows you to enhance it using custom themes and Personas. Personas change the appearance of the user interface without rearranging the elements. Themes however, can completely change the UI ranging from the types of buttons to the color sceme used. Add-ons allow you to customize Firefox to your liking to make a more enjoyable web surfing experience. Some examples of popular add-ons that you can use to customize Firefox are AdBlock Plus, NoScript, DownThemAll!, TabMixPlus and many more.

    Firefox has tabbed browsing, bookmarks, a built in session manager, private browsing, personas, themes, add-ons and more. Firefox does not use ActiveX which helps make it a more secure browser. Firefox does make use of many plugins to enhance your web experience. From Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime and more; your browsing experience reaches new levels with the Firefox browser.


    Firefox 21.0 en-US (available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android) | All builds
    View: Release Notes
    Homepage: Firefox

  11. The case for using Microsoft Security Essentials has already been made, just to add that it is the best for using on older hardware, because its memory footprint is so much smaller than its more bloated competitors. It will even run on an ancient Pentium III laptop, with only 512MB of RAM, although there is some pain when it updates definitions since it then uses all available RAM.


    MSE is very much a set-it-and-forget it operation, since it relies on Windows Update (actually Microsoft Update) to fetch its definitions and also updates to the program itself. From running it on a small network I know that the definitions are released 3 times per day -- every 8 hours, regular as clockwork. Obviously, then, you can't turn off Automatic Updates once MSE is installed.

  12. Yes, that works! :yes:


    To check, I've just gone back and edited/fixed my post in the Java thread, ( actually) to properly embed the image.


    I have no idea how/why I missed doing the "Add to Post" step last time round. Maybe I just did things in the wrong order.  :blush:

  13. I've looked at this again.
    I remember that I used to be able to have an image on my computer and then embed it in a post. I had to upload it to the board, which would then store it somewhere and display it inline in the post itself. Now, when I attempt to put an image in a post, clicking on the Image button simply produces a popup asking for a URL. So, now all I can do is find a third-party image hosting site and link to it.
    I don't quite understand the function of the My Media button. All it seems to do is show a list of existing file attachments and allow me to delete them. What else is it supposed to be for?

  14. Apparently I spoke too soon.


    Because Java was PWNED not just once but three times, yesterday.  :whoa:

    All three exploits were in the afternoon, the first at 1:30pm, the second at 2:30pm and the third at 5:31pm


    And Java has been successfully PWNED again (for the 4th time) today, at 2pm.


    Oracle must be feeling pretty bruised by now, as they've already fixed over 60 vulnerabilities so far this year and the above 4 aren't the only new ones still outstanding.



  15. Firefox 19.0.2 has been released.


    This is a Security release which fixes a single critical security issue in the HTML editor.


    For those using the ESR version, Firefox 17.0.4esr has also been released.


    In case you missed it, Firefox 19.0.1 was released for Windows 8 only. Firefox 19.0.2, however, is available for all 4 platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android).



    For more info and download links: See the





  16. I tried including an embedded image in a post the other day but could find no way of doing it. The image button only allows links to third-party URLs (i.e. image-hosting sites) and no way of being able to embed the image in my post. I'm sure I used to be able to do this, but not now.


    What am I missing? Is it a permissions issue?




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