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  1. I think we've all missed the extra information you've posted, because your EDIT did not change the date/time of posting. Tracking cookies may, or may not, be an issue, depending on exactly which website put them there. By their nature they will re-appear, if the same websites are being regularly re-visited. .
  2. Oh! Yippee! Just what I always wanted (NOT!) a PDF reader that plays mp3s and DVDs. Also helps slow down that new Nehalem CPU to old P4 speeds. But better a bit late, than not at all. Adobe first blogged about their "Security Initiative" in May 2009 and "Adobe Reader Protected Mode" in July 2010. .
  3. And, yes, Ubuntu 10.10 was released on 10/10/10 .
  4. Adobe have released Adobe Reader 9.4, a major update which fixes a slightly alarming 23 Security Vulnerabilities. One of these has been actively exploited in the wild over the last few weeks. Most users should be able to update via the automatic update capability now built into Adobe Reader. Just click Help > Check for Updates .
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    My PC

    :P One of the toolbars is Ask: O2 - BHO: Ask Toolbar BHO - {D4027C7F-154A-4066-A1AD-4243D8127440} - C:\Program Files\Ask.com\GenericAskToolbar.dll I think Fred's T-Tools AntiSeptic (by Thomas Hoen and Fred de Vries) will remove that, along with a few others. See the website HERE for details and download. .
  6. James_A

    My PC

    Which still uses the MsMpEng.exe engine, hence my confusion. Thanks for the correction. I've seen the same combination of files, as listed in this HJT log, bring a laptop almost to a standstill. BT (one of UK's biggest ISPs) link up with both Yahoo and McAfee and the combination overloads any older computers. An old Fujitsu laptop (Celeron CPU) took over a hour to start up before I fixed it. One of the main culprits was one of the BT "helpers" (IIRC it was BTHelpNotifier.exe). There's rather a lot starting up on this computer: Java, Adobe Reader, ARM, McAfee, Windows Defender, Bt/Yahoo helper, Yahoo updater, iTunes, QuickTime, 4oD, Dell's support app, something from Installshield (don't know what that is), Google updater, and more. .
  7. James_A

    My PC

    Well, I'm not a fan of McAfee either, but when you are a BT broadband customer, that's what you get. @Marvin: You appear to have TWO Antivirus programs running: Windows Defender and McAfee. Is your computer VERY slow to start up? Apart from the BT "helper" programs, there's other stuff there that will slow your computer down, but I'll wait for Tarun to look at your log, first. @Tarun: 4oD is Channel 4's 4 on Demand Internet TV service. .
  8. I thought there was already a code/feature freeze at the time the existing Beta (b6) was released? Or have I got the dates mixed-up? .
  9. Good point. There's a newer version ( out which is supposed to check for updates for itself as well as other improvements. See the product page for details. However, according to comments posted on the author's website, this is still not bug-free. .
  10. I missed this bit earlier: That's pretty impressive for a gift! .
  11. With 12GB RAM available have you switched to Windows 7 64-bit? (Panel on the left still shows "OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86") .
  12. Absolutely. To disable Flash in NoScript, use: Options... > Embeddings > Forbid Adobe Flash .
  13. I'd better get back on topic, before I'm in any more trouble... What do people think of tabs on top? I'm also playing with Chrome, now that there is an Adblock clone available for Chrome. I'm not (yet) convinced that I work better, or faster, because there are tabs on top. I understand that this new reduced layout with tabs on top is partly because people perceive reduced clutter on-screen as being a faster browser, even if it isn't. .
  14. I went back to this article again yesterday. Some comments (now well over 2800) are obvious trolling, but near as I can tell others are still "confused", even after 7 months. You can still tell, when they post their full name, their email address and even their login details in the comments. (As before, some of those comments are NSFW.) .
  15. I stand corrected And, maybe, I'll also blame WikipediA's article (American and British English differences) .
  16. Full details of how attackers can take over your computer, if you haven't updated, are not yet available, but:- Google Chrome users should update to version 6.0.472.62 of Chrome, since Chrome also has an embedded Flash player. .
  17. Firefox 4 apparently speaks 39 languages*, but none of them are English. On this side of the Atlantic, en-US is not English, it's American. I'm always amused by the striking differences in meaning of common words. For example, if you have a flat you change it, if I have a flat I live in it. *I suppose that's actually 38 2/3 languages since Hebrew is not available for Windows, only Mac OS & Linux. .
  18. Adobe have released Adobe Flash Player This fixes a security vulnerability that is being actively exploited in Windows. From Adobe’s Security Bulletin: If you don't like Adobe's Download Manager and want to download the standalone installers for IE or Firefox, see the links I posted for Internet Explorer and for Firefox in this topic. .
  19. Adobe Flash Player has been released. Now you can try out the standalone installer links I posted (above) . .
  20. Don't know how I missed this, but the Firefox Beta is now up to Beta 6 released only a week after Beta 5, so that means it came out 6 days ago... .
  21. Well, it won't be the first time that the Release Notes skimmed over exactly what has been fixed. I agree that "Increased compatibility" is not really an accurate description of blocklisting version 1.6! For reference, the European Release Notes can be found HERE. .
  22. Interesting that the USA Release Notes say that:- but in fact it fixes two issues, both according to the bug list and also as the European Release Notes say:- No-one I know has experienced the startup crash (although others certainly have). Mozilla actually fixed it pretty quickly as I knew about the 3.6.10 release two days ago. In fact, they had all but fixed the problem and restarted updates again before journalists released the story of Mozilla suspending updates from earlier versions to 3.6.9. .
  23. For those who haven't, or who have forgotten, try this link: Anti-Malware Toolkit. The only time I've seen Error: this line does not contain a recognised action it was in AutoHotkey, not in MBAM .
  24. Hmmmm. That doesn't sound healthy. Maybe we will have to look for another cause. Do you have a current backup of all importnat documents, photos etc. on your PC? .
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