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  1. Microsoft confirmed its removal in the documentation for Vista Service Pack 2: (Source: Notable Changes in Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista SP2) .
  2. The Favicon Inserter extension to Firefox has been removed, but a new extension by the same author can now be found as Site Favicon in Urlbar. It's now reached version 3.0. .
  3. I understand why the limit was brought in but not, incidentally, why it was completely removed with the release of Vista SP2 and Windows 7, instead of just making the limit larger. However, with the current versions of browsers (such as Firefox) pre-emptively looking things up in the background, it's possible to hit the limit by just browsing the internet. Modern methods of balancing server loads, by splitting the web page across multiple URLs, means there are many many more connections being opened per web page than a few years ago. It doesn't happen all the time, of course, but when network congestion, along with deep-packet inspection, and other surveilance and monitoring techniques being carried out on a wide scale by ISPs causes delays, then it happens. .
  4. Windows XP has a problem with trying to open too many TCP/IP connections at the same time. The driver file (tcpip.sys) has a hard-coded limit of 10 attempts built-in and there is no Registry key or value that can over-ride it. It was introduced in Windows XP Service Pack 2 and is present in all later versions of Windows right up to (but not including) Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows 7. When the limit is reached, Windows generates an error event in the Event log, Event ID 4226. I know of two programs that can overcome this limit. Both of them have been around for several years now:- 4226 fix by LvlLord (latest version is EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip) TCP-Z by deepxw (latest version is tcpz_20090409.7z) They work either by patching the value in memory, once Windows has booted, or by patching the tcpip.sys file itself. Has anyone ever used either of these two programs? .
  5. Just looked at the bottom of the main page... It's now over 30,000 blocked. .
  6. I think that is pretty much what the Firefox developers said, althought the only site I have ever seen using a padlock icon as a favicon was actually a Bank. The irony of a Bank using a padlock so that "people could be mislead to believe that the site was secure" is really quite funny. The big problem is that this is now yet another complete U-turn Mozilla have made in designing this part of the interface. Way back in Firefox 2 there was a padlock in the address bar AND a prominent padlock in the status bar AND the address bar was coloured. Then they ripped it out of the address bar, stopped colouring the address bar and left just a toned-down no-colour padlock in the status bar Then they ripped-out the status bar. Ooops! Now there's nothing left because they ripped it all out. Now they are ripping out the favicon and putting a padlock back in the address bar. I wonder what will happen next? .
  7. One of the more controversial things that Mozilla did with Firefox 14 (and above) was to kill off the site icons (a.k.a. favicons) in the Address Bar. They are still present in the tab bar, if you have multiple tabs open, but not everybody does. There's an extension available on AMO (addons.mozilla.org) to put them back again, called Favicon Inserter, written by Sonny Razzano, which puts the favicons back again and also restores the colour-coding for secure sites. Here's a link to the extension as, for some reason, it does not show up if you search for it on AMO. Maybe that's because it has not yet been reviewed, or maybe the AMO search is just broken Favicon Inserter I first installed a pre-release version of Favicon Inserter before it appeared on AMO, which works to restore the icons, but the current version (2.3 at the time of posting) has other enhancements, too. .
  8. I have always, so far, posted without thinking about tagging. Is there any information on how the Tagging system works and how I should use it? Also, is there an easy way of listing all the existing tags, apart from just looking at the "Popular Tags" item in the sidebar on the main page? Finally, can I now go back to an existing post or topic and add tags now? .
  9. Firefox 14.0.1 has been released. There was no 14.0 release, but the version has jumped straight to 14.0.1 to sync with Fennec version numbers. What's new? According to the Release Notes:- The latest version of Firefox has the following changes: Google searches now utilize HTTPS Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion implemented Plugins can now be configured to only load on click (requires an about:config change) The Awesome Bar now auto-completes typed URLs Improved site identity manager, to prevent spoofing of an SSL connection with favicons What's been fixed? According to the Release Notes:- Various Fourteen security fixes GIF animation can gets stuck when src and image size are changed (743598) OS X: nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition uses wrong screen in multi-display setup (752149) CSS :hover regression when an element's class name is set by Javascript (758885) Downloads: Firefox 14.0.1 | All builds View: Release Notes Homepage: Firefox .
  10. It's just done it again to me. This time it's the scientists in Italy thread which is showing as unread. .
  11. Some people regard the Babylon toolbar as malware, usually because it gets installed without their permission. .
  12. With me it has ocurred more than once, recently, although I haven't been keeping a tally. I've re-marked all the forums as read and will wait and see if/when it happens again. .
  13. I've noticed recently that sometimes one or two older posts that I have already read some time ago are re-appearing as unread when I next login. Today, there are two posts showing:- Windows XP >> Need a .dll file () Gamer's Hangout >> Mass Effect 3 () However, if I select the View New Content link and then Content I have not read they do not show up. Are these posts/topics that have been (silently) edited or is it a new bug in IP.Board? .
  14. I've looked again at this and it seems to me that this could be a CCleaner problem not a Flash problem. One part of the CCleaner Registry Cleaner section detects shared .dll files that are listed in the registry at:- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls (the details given by the OP have a slight typo) If there is an entry in the above key, but no file on disk, then CCleaner lists the entry so that it can be checked and deleted. Which leaves the question: if the entry is checked and deleted, why does it come up again? Since this is in the HKLM part of the Registry, does that mean that this is actually a Vista UAC problem? Does anyone know how CCleaner handles the UAC problem on Vista? .
  15. No, unfortuneately, you can't have just 2010. You need each one according to the version of Microsoft Visual C++ that programs have been built with. If you have many programs built with Microsoft Visual C++, you most likely will need all three. If, for example, a project was built using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 then you need to have the library for that (i.e. msvcr90.dll) It does not help that Microsoft has (rather stupidly, in my opinion) given every downloadable redistibutable package exactly the same name (i.e. vcredist_x86.exe). Despite the same name, the packages have completely different files inside. Having the same name means that you can't download more than one to the same directory, without losing the previous downloads. As I have said, complete stupidity! .
  16. With atomic force microscopes, nanotechnology and laser beam spectroscopy involved it all sounds rather more like futuristic science fiction than science fact, so it's just as well it's reported by Reuters. Fascinating stuff. .
  17. You are not alone in thinking that the TB 13 tabs are wierd. One user described the rectangular style as going "back to Windows 95" and "out of place" for Windows 7. There's a half-dozen bugs been filed about tabs looking wrong, in various ways, because the CSS property "border-image" has changed its definition and/or syntax at some time over the last few years/months, which broke the tabs on both Fx and TB. On Mac OSX the borders are also wrong, but in a different way. For example, the icons were not fully inside the tab. That bug is referenced in the Release Notes (see http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/13.0beta/releasenotes/) and is now showing as "RESOLVED FIXED". I've been reading the comments in the relevant Bugzilla bug reports, but it's difficult to follow exactly what's been happening on this particular bug. It looks to me like one of the patches on border-images got backed-out at the last minute and the fall-out seems to have been better controlled on Firefox than on Thunderbird. .
  18. Thunderbird 12.0.1 has now been released, which fixes "various issues relating to new mail notifications and filtering on POP3 based accounts"; "an occasional startup crash seen in TB 12.0"; "an issue with corrrupted message bodies when using movemail". .
  19. Probably a bad update. Do what Tarun has said: please download and run the Adobe Flash uninstaller program, from the links he has given above. This should completely remove all old registry entries and files that cause the error message. Then install the latest version of Flash, again, from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Make sure that you UNcheck the "Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus" box BEFORE clicking on the "Download now" button. .
  20. +1 for line numbering. Also, it's supposed to be easier to update on Vista and Windows 7, because the UAC prompt has been eliminated. .
  21. Right now, it's still a Beta. The official release date is tomorrow (Tuesday 24th April)
  22. I can't advise you much on using Outlook with GMail, I'm afraid, our problems are simply down to Outlook's lack of co-operation on using IMAP in general. We're using standard Postfix or Qmail (Linux-based) IMAP servers. When I tried out Thunderbird under the same conditions, it just came out so much easier and cleaner. There's a big difference in handling sent mail with GMail, than for any other IMAP server, because GMail saves them for you. I expect you've already seen the GMail help: Enabling IMAP: http://support.googl...en&answer=77695 Recommended IMAP Client settings: http://support.googl...en&answer=78892 Outlook 2007: http://support.googl...en&answer=77689 .
  23. No need to apologise, I wasn't being critical, just surprised. Somehow I've never realised you've been running Joomla!. A week out in updating is nothing, especially as I know a site (which, for obvious reasons, shall remain nameless) where they took nearly two years to apply any Joomla! updates.
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