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  1. Me too! Especially because fighting the whack-a-mole world of spammers is a pretty thankless task. .
  2. The link to Slim is still dead .
  3. I'm interested to know where the extraction method comes from as I can't find it mentioned on the TeraCopy website. The "official" method might be simple to do, but 69 files for a file copy program is plain ridiculous.
  4. :deadthread: This topic was asked and answered over three years ago (~3.5 years actually). Since the OP mentions students and Faculty the limit would, in fact, be whatever the FTE is in your Microsoft Campus Agreement. To stop students (and staff!) from walking off with free pirate copies of the Office software, it now has to check in with the KMS (Key Management Service) managed on-campus at regular intervals, otherwise it de-activates. If you want free Office software, legally, then there's always LibreOffice (the successor to OpenOffice) as Eldmannen says. .
  5. I think we're all agreed on that, mIkE! Just now, it failed to refresh the page when I clicked the Save Changes button, which has happened several times before. Makes it look like the post failed, when it hasn't. The page seems to be stuck in Edit mode, but actually isn't -- you just can't see the new post without manually reloading the page. .
  6. It must be Murphy's Law. Just 10 hours after the above posts and about 6 hours ago at the time of this post, the author has uploaded a new version of the TeraCopy installer which allows you to install unpack a "Portable version". See TeraCopy Portable at the Code Sector Blog. The installer is a standard Inno setup package, so it should be possible to unpack it with innounp, the Inno Setup Unpacker an open source utility available on Sourceforge. Innounp is a much smaller and simpler utility than the Universal Extractor. I might try this instead of Total Copy (which hasn't been updated in years). Does TeraCopy preserve the Creation Date/Time when copying? There is a comment on the blog but that's ambiguous as to whether it preserves the CTime or uses the current time (like Windows does) for a copy. .
  7. Just to confirm, and amplify, what has already been said If you are running 8.0 on Windows or Linux, you will not see any form of auto-update (to 8.0.1). If you are running 8.0 on Windows or Linux, and you check for updates manually you will still be told that Firefox is up-to-date. (You still won't get 8.0.1.) Only Mac 8.0 users will receive the update to 8.0.1 either automatically or manually. .
  8. Talking of retro-gaming I've just had a request to re-install Capture the Flag! IIRC you don't even need Windows for that, never mind a decent graphics card! .
  9. Interesting. The first post embeds an image URL with IMG tags (instead of text) inside a link, with its URL tags, whereas the second just puts a URL directly inside IMG tags. At what point does the board then auto-thumbnail the image, because the desktop is thumbnailed, but is not an attachment? .
  10. I agree. Not much for Windows users and pretty irresponsible of the news sites and FileHippo to link to a test version which didn't work. For Macs, however, it's really needed, as the Java bug has risen from nowhere to being the #1 top crash on a Mac ever since the new Java update* was released back on about 8th or 9th November. *That's Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 6 (for Snow Leopard) & Java for OS X Lion Update 1. For RoboForm, I think it's the other way round. There's an incompatibility causing a crash on startup, so some versions need blocking. There's more to it that just updating the blocklist -- it seems Firefox also needs patching for this. .
  11. That list looks pretty insignificant for a new version release. Firefox 10 should be a bit better with a radically shaken-up update system in progress -- although parts of it are currently "At Risk" which means they might not make it until Firefox 11. .
  12. Yes, that's out-of-date. Current version is 14.0, which you can find at the Microsoft Download Center: Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit .
  13. It's a bit hard to tell, as the link in post#4 is dead -- the file was yanked because it didn't work. The 8.0.1 RC from yesterday, which is, er WAS, probably a later build than the FileHippo one is also now out-of-date itself. The FileHippo one may even be the early version that crashed. Last time I checked, it's going to be another day (i.e. tomorrow) before it's all built again. .
  14. It's not there because they're still building it. The last attempt (for Windows) failed to compile. .
  15. Well, they're both based on Scintilla, along with Notepad2 and a bunch of others so quite a few similarities. Notepad++ does twice as many UI languages, file format conversion (i.e. ASCII <=> UTF8 <=> UTF16) overlapping and splittable windows, etc. etc. ... Thre's also a bunch of plugins for Notepad++, some of which I use. If you speak French, for example, there's only Notepad++. (SciTE seems to have abandoned it) OTOH if you use Linux, there's only SciTE (with GTK+) because Notepad++ & Notepad2 are Windows only. For more info, you could read the comparison on Wikipedia: Comparison of text editors .
  16. The previous update (5.9.3) was three months ago, but 5.9.5 comes out less than two weeks after 5.9.4. .
  17. ... and now 5.9.5 has been released. See Notepad++ 5.9.5 .
  18. As one blog at CNN put it -- without Dennis Ritchie you might not be reading this. He was far too gracious and humble to have ever said so himself, but dmr had a much greater claim to have changed the world than most others.
  19. And, apparently, a fix to the login page -- so that you can now tab directly from the Username to Password fields without tripping over the "Need an account? Register now!" field inbetween. That puts us back to the way it always used to be. In fact I think this may be the first version that works correctly since IP.Board 2.x. Only problem is, now I have to undo the workaround I set-up! .
  20. That's not why Microsoft acted. Microsoft acted against a botnet installed on Windows computers, which It also attacked Hotmail accounts. It just happened to be operated from the same domain as the MacDefender scareware. .
  21. The slim version is now listed on the builds page: http://www.piriform....r/download/slim The current filename is ccsetup311_slim.exe. It's not just Tarun -- most of us prefer/recommend the slim version because it doesn't come loaded with FoistWare. Piriform, however, have a habit of delaying listing the slim version every time there is an update. .
  22. +1 I've seen the Beta (a mere 2 GB download) being played (I'm not a gamer myself). .
  23. I'm inclined to be extremely rude at this point -- considering what the "C" in CCleaner stands for and that I've seen the developer preview of Windows 8 which is -- how can I put this -- not even near Beta quality, in other words it's complete c**p, then does "support for Windows 8" mean it removes it all ?? MwaHaHaHa! .
  24. Wow! I did a double-take when I saw that screenshot showing XULRunner as an extension. Especially since it shows version 1.9.1 on Firefox 7.0.1 -- which is impossible. There's a certain amount of mis-information in that linked thread, but the above comment is a pretty good summary explanation. The Wikepedia article (XULRunner) actually contains a good explanation too. It also seems to generate random GUIDs, unlike a genuine Firefox extension, which makes it a bit more difficult to eradicate cleanly.
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