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  1. Well v15.01 came out pretty quick. Maybe a few others have complained too: Time to swap back from 14.12 -- again! .
  2. Sounds like a fairly thorough check, of a dying printer, but the key point is: At which point it makes no sense at all to continue trying to repair the old one. .
  3. That's being polite. Some editing tasks are more difficult than before because the way the editor works is different. For a start, it seems to always hide the raw BBCode, which I used to hack when a post didn't display the way I wanted. Also, when inserting a link into a post the editor is quite different for those of us used to the old way of doing things. Now, both the raw link and the overlying text are posted into a single paste box, instead of one for each. So how do I now customise the text over the link? Maybe I just need to revert the editor to standard mode as mIkE suggests. Any other way of editing the URL or the overlying text separately in an already-inserted link in a post? .
  4. No, and not likely to, because Google is making ALL profiles public as part of Google+ Any that are not public will be deleted at the end of this month. If you haven't reviewed your Google Account settings lately, you should check sooner rather than later. See the writeup from The F-Secure AV people, who consider this a Google privacy failure: Is this a Google privacy fail? .
  5. And I heard it played on-air a few days ago It's one of those songs that you either love or hate. Bit like Marmite. .
  6. No, I'd never make that mistake -- I only have a PID of 1212 or 1296 (The process percentage bit was reading 02 at the time so it was a bit more plausible) I agree that the new graphs have a certain visual appeal (nice screen shots BTW) but that background is way, way too pale because it's identical to the general dialog box background colour. If it was quite a bit darker (well, a LOT darker) I'd then rate it higher than the old version. The indicators on the left are better in 15.0. The old ones look very like a simulation of the LED volume level indicators on an older sound mixing desk. OffTopic: What theme is that? Is it the Embedded? (like Royale only darker) If so, is Embedded a digitally signed theme, with no Uxtheme patch required?
  7. Phew, made it to Friday again, lot of work for me too this week. I don't care if Monday's blue Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too Thursday I don't care about you It's Friday I'm in love (lyrics from the song, written in 1992, by The Cure. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_I%27m_in_Love ) .
  8. Great! Thanks, for the link. I thought I'd download it and save it before it disappears. Although FileHippo look like they have a complete list of old versions going back to version 10.2 from September 2006. In fact, their release history, with dates for about the last 30 releases, looks to be rather better than Microsoft/Sysinternals own. For my other issue? Do you mean the CPU % (now deleted from my post)? If so, I realised soon after posting that what I was seeing was the process PID and the CPU %, more-or-less glued together as a string of numbers in the tool tip. After I noticed the very (very) slightly larger gap between two of the digits and cross-checked with the Process Explorer main screen I realised that it was a visual problem and not PE gone crazy, so removed my remark from the post. So, no, I wasn't reading 92.77 as 9277, but I was still reading it wrong. .
  9. "View New Content" has been completely redesigned and is a big improvement on previous versions. Just one thing to click (top right of the page) then it opens a new page and you can redefine what you mean by "View New Content" via a menu down the left-hand side. That includes: Content I have not read New since my last visit Past 24 hours Past week Past 2 weeks etc I like the new design. .
  10. If you're used to the System Information graphs in Process Explorer looking like previous versions, or like Task Manager, with a black background, then you're in for a big shock with version 15.0! The task-bar (a.k.a System tray) icons are now all but invisible on a server: mid grey icon, mid-grey background, in a mid-grey task bar doesn't really show up at all. Anyone know where I can re-download the previous version? .
  11. I've just done the same thing on an old computer I use for testing. Needed some more PC-133 SDRAM so went shopping on eBay. Came back with a couple of 256MB DIMMs for the unbelievably-low price of 4 pence (~ 6 cents US). Not a surprise that it didn't come with free postage at that price. Still, at a very cheap £1 (~ $1.60), that's still 25 times the price of the goods for postage. No idea why no-one else bid on it as it tests perfectly in MemTest+. My one and only bargain from eBay. .
  12. Aha, found one welcome bug-fix: the board is much better at tracking posts you've just read, straight after reading them. Before, it seemed to forget and kept on marking an already-read topic as still-unread, when you switched pages. .
  13. :whoa: Did a double-take when I opened the login page, as in what's going on here? Well, it certainly is ........ different. Better, I think. .
  14. According to the 80 PLUS listings only just over 1% of 80 PLUS power supplies currently make it to Platinum grade. Depends. In Europe, yes, under CENELEC. In the USA, you have Energy Star. Is that mandatory, or not? .
  15. This came out a couple of days ago. Issues Fixed: Fixed minor updating issues. Fixed issue with trials expiring too early. Fixed GUI language bugs. Fixed issue where Ignore List was not honored by the Protection Module. Fixed issue where limited users were prompted to update an outdated database. .
  16. This came out about 5 days ago. It's just a couple of fixes for Firefox running on a Mac. According to Mozilla:- More specifically: The first will only affect you if you encounter downloadable fonts on the web, using Firefox 5 and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). The second will only affect you if you run Java, using Firefox 5 and Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). .
  17. Talking of exploding power, I've never had that problem, because I use a UPS. That saved my day when the main supply company cable down the road exploded. Water, insulation breakdown and 415V at several 100's of amps is a lethal combination. They were digging up the road for weeks.... The great thing about a NON 80 Plus certified is that there's no need to wait 3 weeks for it to explode. You can actually do that the day you switch it on! As witness the following review extracts:- It was also drawing over 430W from the mains to give that 300W output (= 69% efficiency). .
  18. +1 US prices make me weep. The equivalent price in the UK at today's exchange rate for a Zotac GeForce 440 GT with 1 Gig of GDDR5 memory is US $121 and no rebate available. Some suppliers are charging considerably more. .
  19. LOL That's the 4th Flash Player update in a month. So many coming out now that half of the Adobe website does not show the latest version. At the time of posting (two days after the latest release) neither the Flash Player Developer Center (HERE) nor the Adobe Flash Platform Runtime Releases blog (HERE) has the current release listed. What's the point of even having an Adobe blog tracking Flash Player releases if it doesn't actually track them? Even Wikipedia (HERE) is (more) up-to-date. For reference, the recent releases are:- - 31-May - issue with hardware acceleration on some systems with Intel HD Graphics - 05-June - security release APSB11-13 CVE-2011-2107 - 14-June - security release APSB11-18 CVE-2011-2110 - 28-June - compatibility issues with some content using cross-domain policy files .
  20. True. That's part of the problem, because it's privileged code. What Microsoft isn't saying is that Silverlight 5 suffers from exactly the same insecurity. .
  21. Co-founder of ChronoPay, Pavel Vrublevsky, has been arrested on other charges. According to Brian Krebs' blog: .
  22. It seems this story has got a little garbled as it travels round the Internet. ChronoPay is actually Russia's largest online payments processor (i.e credit card transaction processor). However, amongst the transactions ChronoPay handles are payments for rogue AV's, online, "pharmacies", etc. As Brian Krebs himself has said in ChronoPay’s Scareware Diaries: What Brian actually reported about Malwarebytes was: Brian Krebs is himself well-known and well-respected as a Computer Security researcher. He wrote for the Washington Post for about 14 or 15 years. .
  23. Ok, it's not really a major problem for me, but it did make those two NewsBot items a little difficult to read. .
  24. Impressive, if slightly worrying, because it implies that reCAPTCHA is pretty broken. Certainly the audio option was the easiest to break -- until the last fix closed that hole. .
  25. OK, I found how to do what I want. Can't bookmark by right-clicking on a tab any more, with the context menu removed, but I can still bookmark a Page because that menu still exists. Right-click anywhere neutral in the, er, tab page, but not the tab itself, click Bookmark This Page and the full dialog that I want pops-up under the 5-pointed star at the end of the address-bar. Neutral means not a picture/image/icon, not a link, not an edit box, not the address bar area, not..... .
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