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  1. Having just upgraded one computer direct from 3.6.x to 5.0, I don't like some of the changes. For example, why did "Organise Bookmarks..." disappear, to be replaced with the completely counter-intuitive "Show All Bookmarks"? Also "Show All Bookmarks" goes against UI design principles by not having "..." at the end. Nor can I bookmark new tabs directly into my menu system because the entire "Bookmark This Tab" UI has been removed from each tab. That 5-pointed star is relatively useless. Also, I have to put the Status Bar back again with the Status-4-Evar addon. Despite all this, it's not bad! Hey, there's even an emoticon for this: :firefoxlove:
  2. Ok, but the other one (which is HERE) doesn't use double quotes, but single quotes, so you wouldn't find it with that search. and ” still doesn't work for me. .
  3. Looks like the Board cannot handle the standard html entities for quotes, specifically ‘ ‘ left single quotation mark ’ ’ right single quotation mark “ “ left double quotation mark †” right double quotation mark See the newsbot stories (e.g. HERE) for examples. However, it CAN handle the numerical equivalents, which are #8216 #8217 #8220 and #8221, respectively. (Put the proper prefix "&" and suffix ";" around each and those numerical equivalents will be auto-converted when you hit the Post button.) .
  4. According to Mozilla's Wiki, 64-bit isn't going to happen any time soon. There's no ETA at all and the status is stuck at "Information gathering." There's neither a Lead Developer nor a Product Manager yet assigned to it. .
  5. Even the http mirrors go haywire sometimes - I once gor redirected to an unbelievably slow mirror on the other side of the world (in Japan) instead of anything within 1000 miles. .
  6. Two days late this month (but not as late as March). Last engine update was on 18-May-2011 The one before that was on 18-April-2011. The one before that was on 23-March-2011. There's even an "enginenotifications" blog at Microsoft's technet. .
  7. Now that the penny has finally dropped, your earlier reply seems even funnier Reminds me of The IT Crowd I've also seen it before, people reporting on forums that they can't access the Internet. .
  8. Seems to be everywhere, now. Probably because they each make about $24,000,000 per year selling this fraudulent stuff. Glad to read that the MSSS caught it, because they can be difficult to get a grip on when they disable the EXE file association in the Registry. .
  9. The immediate download is not much more than a download manager: with some added logic. It won't run, for example on Windows Server, otherwise it allows you to choose between burning a CD, copying to a blank USB drive or burning an ISO file. .
  10. And maybe earlier than 2006, since that was the year that Microsoft took over Sysinternals and all files on the current website post-date the transfer date. It's never been updated because it cannot defrag the page file in Vista (also a 2006 event) although it works in Server 2003. .
  11. Does anyone still use Spybot? It's looking a bit old these days. Also, I've seen HTC Sync hog the disk, so might be worth exiting that from the System Tray, to see if it makes a difference. .
  12. :lol: Have you seen their ASCII art? Complete with "SET SAIL FOR FAIL!" pasted just above the horizon. Don't see much ASCII art these days, looks like it's a dying craft. .
  13. MacBook Airs already come without Flash pre-installed, but Apple has officially warned that it's Java (not Flash) that will be absent from Mac OS 10.7 .
  14. The last Security update was less than 30 days ago, on 12-May, but there was an update to fix IE9 compatibility last week as well. .
  15. Adobe have released Adobe Flash Player ( for Internet Explorer) This fixes a Zero-Day security vulnerability that is being actively exploited in Windows. From Adobe's Security Bulletin: If you don't like Adobe's Download Manager and want to download the standalone installers for IE or Firefox, see the links I posted for Internet Explorer and for Firefox in this topic. .
  16. And, two days later, there's a new Security Update for Flash out. See this topic .
  17. Fixed bugs in Notepad++ v5.9.2 : 1. Fix the Clipboard History crash issue while no data in Clipboard. 2. Fix the local directory installation option ignored issue in Installer. 3. Reduce the recent file history width to 32 characters. .
  18. Sony has been hacked AGAIN! This time it's Sony Pictures. .
  19. Getting back to the original topic, one additional problem with Flash on IE9, is that if ActiveX filtering is turned on in IE9, then Flash doesn't work. Secondly, Flash with IE9 has rendering/hardware acceleration problems so you need another update Flash => Flash Flash was released on Tuesday (= Wednesday in some time zones). .
  20. I knew about the Square preview in the labs. It's a complete PITA:- You can't update it: You can't install over the top of it: And, like gUiTaR_mIkE says, it's not been updated since last year. It's still stuck on Preview 3 that was released on 30-November-2010. There's been at least one Security Update to Flash 10.3 since then, so it's probably PWNable, too. .
  21. Maybe not. The Security Update also turned-on daily AV updates (just like any other AV definitions update) and: .
  22. If you are running Snow Leopard (a.k.a Mac OS X 10.6) then Apple has just released a Security Update (2011-003) that updates the definitions for the built-in Anti-Virus, in order to remove the fakeAV MacDefender See Mac OS X Snow Leopard and malware detection for the details. .
  23. Adobe does not support Flash running with 64-bit IE on 64-bit Windows 7. You should have something like the following: The arrowed line starts 32-bit IE (which Adobe does support). .
  24. PS: Don't forget to put the jumper back on the master (Maxtor) drive, if you haven't already done so. .
  25. It might be a bit older, but it's still just as compatible. According to the manual, that Maxtor is also Ultra ATA/133 and S.M.A.R.T. 4. So, it's actually quite recent for an IDE/PATA drive. As I recall, Maxtor actually came out with ATA/133 drives before Seagate did. Also if you look back at the SeaTools screenshot you posted in post #35, you can see that the Icon against the "MAXTOR 6L020J1" is Gold, not Grey. This shows that SeaTools recognises the drive as one of its own (that's because Maxtor are now owned by Seagate) and hence will be given full support by the SeaTools software. Were you able to get past the "Test Unavailable" problem in any way? .
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