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Found 39 results

  1. There have been several updates to Lunarsoft recently. These updates cover every part of Lunarsoft from the Wiki to the Frontpage and the Forums as well. Several minor issues were identified recently and resolved. The updates and issues identified are as follows: Frontpage: Several of the extensions used for the Frontpage website have been updated. >Security update has been applied. >Automated news posting to Facebook has been fixed. >Feedburner has been removed from the Frontpage but is still available. Downloads have been reviewed. If you find an error please report it on the forums. Optimizations have been applied that allow the frontpage/website to load faster. Forums: >Important security patches have been applied to the forums. Hooks have been reviewed and verified as being up-to-date. Preparations for the upcoming major release of the forum software. >Optimizations have been done to allow the forums to load faster. Wiki: >Extensions have been updated. >Security patches have been applied. >Blocked accounts have been purged from the user list. Anti-spam features have been improved and additional anti-spam has been added. Articles are being reviewed and updated. If you want to contribute please let us know. A new CAPTCHA is being tested on the Lunarsoft Wiki called Asirra. Thank you to all who have donated to Lunarsoft. Your support and donations help to keep this website completely free of advertisements. With no advertisements on the website this can help users fixing their computers to easily find the information and get the assistance they need with ease. If you would like to help please see the Lunarsoft Donation page. Every bit helps! View the full article
  2. The frontpage has been updated. Please report any issues or feedback here.   Also, we are looking for more people to post and share news on the site. If you'd like to contribute please let me know.
  3. The Lunarsoft frontpage software has been updated to the latest version. Please report any issues.   Feedburner has been removed from the Lunarsoft frontpage. While this service is still available it has been removed due to low usage. However, if you are still interested in using our Feedburner please refer to the following URL.   Lunarsoft on Feedburner
  4. An update has been applied to the frontpage. If you experience any issues please let us know where and what the error was.
  5. The Lunarsoft frontpage has been updated to the latest version. All feedback welcome.
  6. The Lunarsoft frontpage has been updated. If you see or experience any issues please post here. Steps to recreate the issue and screenshots are always helpful.
  7. The Lunarsoft frontpage has been updated. The first update occurred two days ago though I was unable to post about it. Another update hit today so this is a double update post notification. If any bugs are found, please post and describe what you were doing so we can recreate the issue.
  8. Our frontpage software has been updated to the latest version. If you encounter any bugs or issues please let us know here.
  9. The Lunarsoft frontpage software has been updated again. If you experience any issues please don't hesitate to let us know.
  10. As always, if there are any bugs please report them here. We are now running the latest version of the frontpage software.
  11. Our frontpage has been upgraded to the latest version, 2.5.x. If you encounter any bugs or issues, please post here and let us know along with how you were browsing so that we can recreate the issue to the best of our ability.
  12. We're now on 1.7.3 and have not seen any issues thus far. If you notice any, please post with what you were doing so an attempt to recreate the process can occur.
  13. Our frontpage software has been updated and is now running the latest version. Issues may be reported here.
  14. A long overdue upgrade is taking place with our frontpage currently. The estimated downtime is going to be less than an hour if we do not encounter any issues. The new frontpage has been thoroughly tested over the past two weeks. A lot of data has been migrated and then a clean install of our frontpage has also occurred. This post will be updated once the process is complete. Upgrade complete!
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