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Resolve Windows Update issues when downloading Vista SP1


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When you try to install Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update you can get error: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is not available for installation from Windows Update and is not offered by Automatic Updates.

To help ensure a positive update experience, Windows Update will temporarily not offer Windows Vista SP1 to systems that have the following device drivers. In some cases, these device drivers are problematic on Windows Vista-based computers when you update to Windows Vista SP1. By installing updated device drivers, you will resolve the issue and enable Windows Update to offer Windows Vista SP1. Here are the drivers that doesn't work well with Vista SP1:

Audio drivers

Realtek AC'97

  • For x86-based computers: Alcxwdm.sys - version or earlier
  • For x64-based computers: Alcwdm64.sys - version or earlier


  • For x86-based computers: Sthda.sys - version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier
  • For x64-based computers: Sthda64.sys - version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier


  • For x86-based computers: Stwrt.sys - version 6.10.5511.0 or earlier
  • For x64-based computers: Stwrt64.sys - version 6.10.5511.0 or earlier

Creative Audigy

  • For x86-based and x64-based computers: Ctaud2k.sys - version or earlier
  • For x86-based computers: P17.sys – all versions (This was originally a Windows XP-based driver.)

Conexant HD Audio

  • For x86-based computers: Chdart.sys - version or earlier
  • For x64-based computers: Chdart64.sys - version or earlier

Biometric (Fingerprint) Sensors

  • AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor with the Atswpdrv.sys driver file – version or earlier
  • UPEK Fingerprint Sensor with the Tcusb.sys driver file – version or earlier

Display drivers

Intel Display

  • For x86-based computers: Igdkmd32.sys – versions between and including driver and
  • For x64-based computers: Igdkmd64.sys – versions between and including driver and

Other drivers

Texas Instruments Smart Card Controller with the GTIPCI21.sys driver file – version or earlier

Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 with the Watcher.exe application – version or earlier (This application is located in the AirCard 580 Program Files folder.)

Symantec software driver for Symantec Endpoint Protection and for Symantec Network Access Control clients

  • For x86-based computers: Wgx.sys – versions 11.0.1000.1091 or earlier
  • For x64-based computers: Wgx64.sys – versions 11.0.1000.1091 or earlier

Note Symantec is aware of this issue, and it is working on a solution. Symantec provides various update procedures. This includes their LiveUpdate service.

Please visit Microsoft Knowledge Base Article about this issue and find out what you can do about it.

Link: Lunarsoft Frontpage

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