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Guest HyperionHK

Access Violation registering dmloader.dll

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Guest HyperionHK

Hi, I'm trying to run Dial-a-fix, the newest .24 version to fix explorer. When I select the explorer option it goes through registering dlls and gets to registering dmloader.dll and gives me an Access Violation error in module version.dll. When I click OK DAF just sits there at registering dmloader.dll. I've included the log file

Notes about this log:

1) "->" denotes an external command being executed, and "-> (number)" indicates

the return code from the previous command

2) Not all external command return codes are accurate, or useful

3) Sometimes commands return 0 (no error) even when they fail or crash

4) If an error occurs while registering an object, please send an email to:

dial-a-fix@DjLizard.net and include a copy of this log

DAF version: v0.60.0.24

--- System info ---

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

IE version: 7.0.5730.13

MPC: 55274-640

CPU: Genuine Intel® CPU T2300 @ 1.66GHz (~1660MHz)

CPU: 2 CPU cores present

BIOS: 4/20/2006

Memory (approx): 2046MB

Uptime: 0 hour(s)

Current directory: C:\Documents and Settings\jedorey\Desktop\Dial-a-fix-v0.60.0.24


11/15/2008 11:54:19 PM -- Dial-a-fix : [v0.60.0.24] -- started

11:54:19 PM | Policy scan started

11:54:19 PM | Policy scan ended - no restrictive policies were found

--- Registration: Explorer/IE/OE/shell/WMP ---

11:54:22 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\activeds.dll

11:54:22 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\audiodev.dll

11:54:22 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\browsewm.dll

11:54:22 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cabview.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cdfview.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\clbcatex.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\clbcatq.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\comcat.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cscui.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\credui.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\datime.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\devmgr.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\dfsshlex.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\dmdlgs.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\dmdskmgr.dll

11:54:23 PM | Registered: C:\WINDOWS\system32\dmloader.dll

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The file is probably corrupted. Search your hard drive for alternate copies of dmloader.dll and replace the one in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 with it. It's part of Direct Music, so reinstalling DirectX 9 might actually fix it too; I don't know.

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