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Help with Anti-Malware Toolkit

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I installed AMT after it was praised in a computer magazine. It was only a short article, but said program would download latest versions of various security tools, plus updates for them.

Closing words were, 'When you're ready, click Download' and the program will get to work.'

I've done that, and I see it's created a Desktop folder.

Trouble is, I'm not sure what's been achieved, if it's downloaded updates, has it installed them - or is there something else to be done?

Is there a user guide for simple people like me, or would someone be kind enough to explain how I use the program? dizzy.png



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  • Administrator

Hi tristar, welcome to Lunarsoft!

Capman is correct, the user needs to execute the files in order to install them. The automation process has not made it's way into the code as of yet. There are plans to attempt to implement automatic installs. Though the problem there is how file names change for some files.

I'm curious, what was the name of the magazine? If it's a UK only magazine, I'd love to see a scan of the page the article was written. :P

I'll make a note to myself to create an easy to follow guide on how to download the files you want/need starting with opening the program all the way to installing your files after downloading.

A new version of the Anti-Malware Toolkit will be coming out in February.

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  • Administrator

Checked out their website but they only have a free sample issue and it appears to be an older issue. If it's not too much trouble, do you know what issue number and page number the Anti-Malware Toolkit was mentioned on?

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