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Board issue: smart quotes fail

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Looks like the Board cannot handle the standard html entities for quotes, specifically

‘ 	‘ 	left single quotation mark

’ 	’ 	right single quotation mark

“ 	“ 	left double quotation mark

†	” 	right double quotation mark

See the newsbot stories (e.g. HERE) for examples.

However, it CAN handle the numerical equivalents, which are #8216 #8217 #8220 and #8221, respectively.

(Put the proper prefix "&" and suffix ";" around each and those numerical equivalents will be auto-converted when you hit the Post button.)


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  • Administrator



Seems to work okay. I think it was just a hiccup. :P

I tried to find other instances of rdquo since we've been using a new editor for the frontpage. It only found that latest story. I will keep an eye on it and see if it happens again. IP.Board is at 3.2 Beta 1 (2 soon), so if this is a bug it may already been fixed.

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  • Administrator

The only other thing I can think of is that I was using Windows 7 Speech Recognition and Microsoft Word 2007 to write both articles referenced. I then copy/pasted them into the frontpage editor. But what's strange is that this is just recently becoming an issue.

I'll check for a few updates to the editor just in case.

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