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Windows Defender Privacy Issues

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Antivirus companies are increasingly advertising the cloud-based capabilities of their products, telling us that 'the speed of cloud computing to deliver real-time protection' is the next big step in your protection.


Yes, in some sense 'the cloud' improves the effectiveness of your antivirus program. A novel way of interaction is now possible between your antivirus program and the servers of the antivirus company. But this communication between your program and their servers could turn into a real problem for the privacy of the data on your computer.


The question therefore is: which is more important? Do you consider a little improvement in your antivirus database more important than the potential loss of important data?


Imagine Windows Defender could send some important or confidential files to their servers and then their analysts would read or even use these files.


And yes, Windows Defender does have that particular feature. If the program encounters an unknown file during its regular scan, it asks the user permission to send it to the servers of Microsoft for further analysis. At first glance, this feature seems harmless enough, but 'the cloud' is not a safe place to be in. It is prone to malware itself, because if Windows Defender can access your file, any malware can use the same method.

More information and a fix here.


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