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I've finally decided to give up on my snail of a comp and give in to my urge to reformat the **** thing. Now, it was recommended to me that I partition the drive after I'm done reformatting, the reason being that it somehow speeds up the drive and its better for defragmentation. My first question, is this true? And if it is true, how and the heck do you partition? I remember doing it long ago with my friends comp but I haven't done it since I was 11 or something like that. Also, how much space should I allocate for each partition? I think it is a 36 gig drive (I know I'll upgrade it soon), I'm not at my dorm right now, so I can't really check. Just thought I'd ask in advance. I'd also like to thank you guys in advance as I will most likely be busy tomorrow (packin' up, gettin' ready to head back to the ol' dorm). Take it easy guys, and once again thanks for your help and friendship.

Your friend,


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Generally you'll want to partition your drive(s) before you format; cause it will make you format after doing so (with fdisk).

There are however applications that allow you to change the partitions without formatting, etc. PartitionMagic is one such application.

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