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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, You can follow DialAFix's development and post suggestions on Facebook! I have also been posting progress on my blog. Cheers.
  2. I was wondering if the Dial a fix project was alive anywhere or even if someone else had continued it? Not really sure whats been going on with it. If anyone reads this thanks for taking the time to read this and answer.
  3. Are there any plans for a windows 7 version of Dial-A-Fix. As I understand the version freely posted on the web only supports up to Windows XP. Any other freeware packages like it that supports Vista and 7?
  4. Using the empty temp folders feature, it deletes c:\documents, can anyone tell me why this is? I've had a customer's 7 years worth of data deleted. It'd be great to have an answer. Thanks; rjm
  5. Hi !.After downloading Dial-a-fix, I received that message : Dial-a-fix was unable to determine your version of Internet Explorer. Certain DLL registrations will be skipped. Please email dial-a-fix@DJLizard.net Dial-a-fix : restrictive policies HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software/Microsoft/Windows/Currentversion/polocies/explorer/DisallowRun Value 1 type REG_DWORD Should I 1) use the !remove", 2) change the value to ?, 3) ignore... Thanks
  6. Guest

    Windows 7?

    It looks like Dial-a-fix won't be developed for Windows Vista. Any chance it may be updated for Windows 7, since this will probably become the dominant OS in the near future.
  7. Internet Explorer 8 is not supported by Dial-a-fix.
  8. http://windowshelp.m...rt/default.mspx That's http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/techsupport/default.mspx if the URL truncation p***es you off as much as it does me.
  9. Are you posting about Dial-a-fix? If not, please register and post in a regular Lunarsoft Windows support forum. Before using Dial-a-fix (or any system utility for that matter, including Microsoft's own chkdsk for example) please do the following: Ensure your hard drive has no bad blocks Ensure your memory is free of errors To check for bad blocks, you can use your hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility (search for it), Dell's extended hard drive diagnostic (if you have a Dell, that is - and call Dell for support with this), Hitachi DFT (which works with almost any drive and is the recommended choice for most users) or a Linux live CD with the "badblocks" program on it (for experts). Please test your hard drive before posting. If you find one or more bad blocks, you should backup and consider replacing your drive. After the first bad block, it's all downhill from there. I have a complicated data recovery / testing article at my wiki here which explains quite a bit: https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Data_recovery To check for memory problems, download and boot to a memtest86+ or Microsoft Memory Diagnostic disk/disc. memtest86+ Microsoft Memory Diagnostic Let the memory test for several hours (for at least one pass) - overnight is better if it is possible. I actually recommend a minimum of 5 complete passes. If a single error is found and you are not comfortable with memory replacement, consult a local PC repair shop. If you are comfortable with memory replacement, remove one memory module and start the test again. Rotate modules one-by-one until you find the defective one(s). If you are getting strange errors when Dial-a-fix registers DLLs, try the following things: Restart the computer and try that section in Dial-a-fix again Try to replace the file in question with a copy from the original source media Run SFC /scannow (through Start -> Run..., or through Dial-a-fix's Tools dialog) If you are having "Access denied" type errors, try Repair permissions in the Tools dialog (the hammer button) If a service has been marked for deletion, restart the computer and run that section of Dial-a-fix again. If you like Lunarsoft, please donate to Lunarsoft. Do not ask for support in THIS thread; make your own. If you think a common solution should be added to the above list, post in this thread.
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