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Found 10 results

  1. An important update has been applied to the Lunarsoft Forums. This update includes numerous fixes including fixes to the editor used here on the forums. It is strongly recommended to clear your cache to ensure you get the updated files. I have also gone through and optimized the png images once again which is another reason to clear your cache. Trying to give users the best performance and optimal load times when visiting the forums and website. The changelog can be seen here.
  2. We're now running the latest release of the forum software. This release includes several fixes to the editor. The Forum Calendar has also been updated. Changelog posted.
  3. An update has been applied to the forums. Roughly eight pages of bugs have been fixed. Bugs fixed in this release.
  4. The forums have been updated to the latest version. If you see or experience any issues please let me know.
  5. The forums have been updated and we're running the latest version. Please post any issues you experience and we also welcome feedback.
  6. Our forum software has been updated to the latest version. Approving a topic doesn't increment user post count Leap babies Polls disappear from topics when using the "Resynchronize forums" option Charset encoding issues with status updates Delete Category Google stalking Refresh type kills redirects in IE Russian letters on IPS - IP board v 3.3.3 Guest in VNC PHP Warning with task.php Unapproved topic and moderator action PHP warning in /admin/sources/like/composite.php Reputation image settings PHP Warning in admin/sources/classes/session/api.php Hovercard Ajax URL is not set when 'getId' = false Ability to post content in hidden topic with URL manipulation trim() on Uploads Path and URL's. Topic Title Intial-Caps Filter NOT always applied Mobile Skin - Line breaks in middle of words 0 warning points not possible relative path issue Mobile skin - PMs Also tagged with one or more of these keywords , Shows Members with Guest_ suffix HTML Entities on Status/Post Export buildInDev breaks mobile Ability to Bypass Admin Validation Using "Resend Validation" Email Swtiching archiving methods Sessions table needs an index for ip_address column twitter_connect table needs index for t_key Render Attachments HTML Encoding Guests Can't Report regardless of settings. Report centre display name awol the move/delete check items follows you Fast reply post won't parse the javascript in a custom bbcode Social Sharing on New Topic Not Saving Preferences. Suspending posting privileges leaves users in the dark Guests can see deleted entries in search Topic marking issue Profile comment with status update disabled Mobile Skin Forums Link Auto remove redirect topic still shown as last topic in forum Table members_warn_logs still joined into topic queries when warning system is disabled. php 5.4.4 - apache 2.4.2 error Warning: Illegal string offset 'nav' "License Key Expired" on new installs Emoticons randomisation upon subsequent post rebuilds (free fix included!) Admin Login Logs and ACP Restrictions Weird issues with highlighting Notifications not sent for friend status updates View New Content Non-HTML Emails Sending with HTML Overzealous pruning Can't search for nothing anymore illegal string offset for guests only Illegal string offset 'smilies' in cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_editors.php on line 178 Reputation tab doesn't take user group settings into account post_too_short Reported PMs issues
  7. The forums have been updated to the latest version along with the calendar. As soon as the changelog is available I will post it in here.
  8. Our forum software has been updated to the latest version. I apologize for the length of time this update took. During the update there was an error message and had to ask IPS about the error. They confirmed it was fine to continue updating. 158 bugs have been fixed. Changelog follows: Resynchronize Topics throws a DB driver error Archived topics not showing last post Amazon SES rejects FDisplay header Make a reply with "More Reply Options": Spoilers brake the view Image bbcode Import Photo from URL - Error but no Error Delete Forum - Set in Archive Rules Today's Top Posters - Locales with decimals as commas. Acronym's can break emoticons. Exporting a skin image set Database Checker Still Failing URLs not added to auto subscribed emails content_cache_posts/sigs Primary Key Mails in wrong language Auto-Follows not working on thread creation or reply in some forums Checking "Follow this thread" while still making a thread, doesn't really work "More Details" link on the "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!" page Tab in fast reply Error in members_warn_logs table while upgrading from 3.1.4 regex - 'lookbehind assertion' error HTML Tags in mobile skin Edit in mobile skin not on bbcode Twitter and Add On BBCode Buttons Chrome Browser - defaulting to mobile skin Unsubscribe link on mobile skin List on edit Warning in moderating team Archiver not un-achiving topics Double quotes not encoded in meta content meta description not truncated Double line spaces in PMs Google mobile is being served the default skin Error when editing some Marketplace files Search by Author on Archives robots.txt Emoticon Double Parsed Merging topics causes status change Manage topics posts...shows undefined Pagination Woes. Skins with XML output don't show up in ACP Forum Index - multi mod Approving a topic doesn't increment user post count Line breaks not parsed in PM STE new russian timezones Multi moderation <br /> Fatal error while seting warning to user Someone needs to recache technical support Unarchiving doesn't update forum topic count Archiving - Manage Rules Auto-DST on registration isn't set. Unique string on avatars ACP: Left hand menu hardcodet strings ACP TOP-MENU: Not translatable facebook activity box alignment ACP: Breadcrumb Navigation - every "second entry" not translatable ACP: Titles not translatable Forum override on mobile overrides "Inactive" Members+viewing location. Moderating Team Page - Hidden Foruns Skin Change via URL no longer working + skinchange.php tool is broken Upgrade script always asks for username Report comments can't be approved Suspending user Emoticons not parsed in profile "About Me" LDAP error Standard editor and PMs 'Moderate posts of everyone in this group?' doesn't work for Guests Report center graph RSS import with topic hidden "Forum Password" - wrong languagebit on topic overview Just Items I Follow makes content type become forgotten Typo when adding event and attaching files Moderator list Warning System - Doesn't Display Correct Punishment Latest member issues Initial Caps Consistency Ghost in Who is online Language bits nmo_t_approve live search and permissions Timezone is off Post moderation affects secondary groups Warning: Verbal warning only, but suspendes the member permanently! Spoilers are spoiled Flag as spammer forum_marker / icons / forum unread/read icons on RTL Javascript selector in comments The moderating team information is not placed as well on RTL Recent Topics Hook (Alt Attribute) Mobile skin PM popup missing title text #2 Tag search blank Use Mobile Version Will Not Display If Only One Skin Can Be Selected Daily/weekly notifications Archive search Tab Permissions On Mobile Skin Editor isHtml not fully working Bad Warn Query Reputation system Moderating Team Last Active Inconsistency Password reset - user selected password IPS Spam Monitoring SSL Group promotion happening before it should (based on # posts) Administrator cannot set photo if member is using Gravatar Spacing in posts.. FB-EXCEPTION PROFILE_DISABLED in error log Rebuilding Signatures removes linebreaks sphinx - search with quotes fails tag - SWF Files and resizing them. Template Merge Can't See Buttons SSL Logins redirect to http un/ordered lists do not work properly for file description addtohead and minify Linked topics read/unread status Quote notification + auto-track No delete confirmation Line Breaks in PMs [this site] Strict Standards error in report center. Upgrade from 2.3.6 - Newlines get lost in upgradePostRebuild.php [RTL] Compose New Button in the Personal Messenger Exported master CSS files are compressed Build Skin Files For Release SQL Error Logs Previewing unsubmitted attachment leads to infinite loop Log In Management: Add new method gets confused Wrong URL still working [bug Request] Improve convertAccents method. <Patch attached> Delete topic modal Adding Tags and Conversions CSRF token on hide/unhide comment link is not checked Upgrades and calendar Your Settings has an Invalid argument supplied using the Mobile Skin Force this group to be anonymous? Not working allow dynamic images not being removed on upgrade Facebook Connect allowed characters Validating members navigation "share this link via Facebook" not functioning properly Restricted members able to post from mobile theme Type ahead broken ACP .htaccess can be bypassed Inline Notification->wrong photo Open posted links in a new window Get the free IP.Board App for iPhone now! Missing vendor prefix on css class Deleted all topics but I didn't want it to Multi-selecting posts over multiple pages Tagging module bug BBcode image links New Event Calendar Notification Email Archive posts missing old topics with post count 0 Spelling Mistake with warnings_already_mq_perm PM Title ending in < causes Notification email subject to be empty for conversation. Topic Title Disclosure for Hidden Topics Facebook Crawls all. Board index, deleted user. Warnings incorrect_furl "website" CPF 'Validating' as a sole selection isn't saved. ACP saved warn logs pagination is not working
  9. The forums have been updated to the latest version. 120 issues have been fixed in this release and are listed below. DB Checker - rss_import_inc_pcount ACP Type Error Search dropdown width Anonymous users not marked with asterisk in topics (3.3.0) Hover Card: Blog icon is missing tags, title, urlencoded. Member delete fails with large inline_notification table... Notification Center ACP Importing Modules Upgraded, but it still tells me there is a new version available mobile mark all as read Mobile edit button The URL should be decoded when presented by being parsed automatically Long links on mobile extend width Spam Monitoring Service Error issue persists in 3.3.0 Group Moderators cannot view warn notes. Deleted topics still show to those without permission ModCP and "find Posts" Multi Moderation - Topic Title Prefix - HTML Issue. HTML Whoops Insert special bbcode on marked text puts in html $this->settings not available in raw PHP for settings. Personal Messenger - Edit Upgraded from 2.3.5 to 3.3, Warn List Pagination classes_comments_renderer::postSave() Group prefix/tag settings overwritten Compare differences in skin editor Line breaks not preserved on multi moderation posting Guest commenting for db records Commenting from mobile skin Pagination for warn logs off Support Request Hook - Admincp Links Breaking Removing a quote from a reply leaves an unclosed/unopened BBCode. Quoting - not parsing formatting Changing the editor type in a separate window "crashes" post parsing Mobile Skin Detection Issues Mobile skin not automatically working Messenger error Meta Tag URL's with Query Strings. Thumbnail won't be generated if "Show thumbnail of attached image" is No. Facebook Share Button - Hardcoded Language Quote notification Warn notification in ACP Archived Topic: "Who Posted" Sub-forum commas Warning limit check "Disable Prefix Ability" group setting backwards Super Moderators cannot issue warnings to user Warning point action level Change Theme from topic PMs on mobile skin Lists not working in PMs BAD_NOTIFY_KEY When Issuing Warning Set Output Format No Options for Post Moderation document.write in ad code integration language bit error Edit hook Warning $_SESSION Copyright removal gets reset Warn Logs Manager AdminCP Live Search Not Working Sphinx Error on index for forums_search_archive_main Likes Tab Fatal Error Empty /cache/tmp folder from time to time Invalid "Requirements" in Status Updates Hook File Moderator editing Admin on ModeratorCP Cookie Based Item Markers Not Working. Warning Notification Reputation being left twice Search issue and flood control ACP auto redirect Most liked content takes too long to load Sphinx search dies with PHP error. Moderating Team Page Fatal Error Mobile skin - wrong lang string Visible Modules PMs out of order rebuild reputation count Post Rep Count Shows 0 Archived topics previews Archived posts and attachments reputation_forums::process() not checking parse options Recounting post counts does not include archived threads Resynch forums causes counts to go off Linking long strings is shortening the text Signature formatting Pagination adjustments Todays Top Posters - Not Showing Self ACP only shows 10 archived topics Deleted topic show on index but not in forum Moderator Control Panel - "Report Center" has a different menu Tabbing doens't work Spaces added in code tag Warning a member the reason dropdown runs multiple ajax requests unban member using wrong language string Spam with no display name TAB on reply/new topic iPad Quoting Using API changes time zone in external php scripts Emoticon 'show all' sorting not applied Database Checker Failing Database index checker and primary keys small verbiage bug Lightbox disabled, cant click to be taken to large image Rebuild post content remove break from post content No last poster/poster info in forum with only archived posts Subscriptions redirects to Nexus even if Nexus isn't installed FAO Matt: Force full skin bug Error in members_warn_logs table while upgrading from 3.1.4 [bug Request] Improve convertAccents method. <Patch attached> Empty auto saved content http badly parsed in post board index collapse bug in chrome "and xx other users" Announcements + HTML Archived topics produce 2x more queries than regular ones Remove users setting inoperative Editor isHtml not fully working
  10. The Lunarsoft Forums have been upgraded to the latest version. I have posted the changelog below. You will want to clear your browser cache. What's new in IP.Board 3.3 In addition to this list there are countless other minor improvements and changes based on client feedback too numerous to mention. IP.Board 3.3 was all about polish so we hope you enjoy it. Archive System: New feature to archive off topics to remove post table overhead Warning System: New more flexible feature replaces old warning system SEO Update: 'Dead end' links, unfriendly error pages, metadata tags, bounce rates SEO Update: Banned users SEO Update: Duplicate title tags, profile tabs, skin and language selectors, direct links to posts SEO Update: Microformat and Schema Updates SEO Update: Changes to tags, guests and unread links, title tags, soft 404s and schema additions for ratings Performance Updates: Improving topic markers, today's top posters, post table access Auto-share on posting: Tweet and share to Facebook when creating a topic Reputation Updates: Like/reputation updates on a user's profile Miscellaneous Updates: Log-in autosave, emoticons in signatures, log in as a member, duplicate forum, system schedular as a CRON and more. Applications and Hook Updates: Application ordering, hook list update, hook settings Moderation Tools Updates: Hide/Delete/Soft Delete consolidation and interface updates
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