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Dial A Fix - Thank You


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First off All - Thank You. After changing the antivirus-software on my daughter's PC (from Symantec to BitDefender) Windows refused to start, I had to do a repair istallation. Afterwards, Internet Explorer was behaving very strange, I could fix this, but Windows Update wasn't working anymore.

Researches on the web brought 1000 clues to me, either they did not work or I did not want to try them out because I did not understand what they really do.

Your program did the trick in 5 minutes: Setting a restore point, running Dial-a-fix, "repair windows update" - reboot - everything worked fine again!!

So there is only one question left: a search for rootkits with BitDefender on the same day warned me that there is one hidden file with a name with cryptic signs in an also hidden directory (under documents and settings) - I could not delete it from explorer (cannot find file), could only find the file by typing in the exact adress shown by the Bit Defender warning:

Could this file be placed by Your program???

Thanks in advance

Mario Perathoner Eching/Germany

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