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DAF looking in wrong locations

Guest Brian

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First let me say I love this program, brilliant.

However, on a particular server I'm getting the wrong file location; it seems very keen to add the 'Documents and Settings\User.Domain\' to the path of all the system files.

I'm currious on where it's getting that value, mainly cause I might fix the server if I can change it to what it's supposed to be!

Thanks in advance, great work guys and girls.

- Brian Slater

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The paths that its getting wrong are the program paths - eg. Net.exe, regsvr32.exe etc.

The error message is;

net.exe (or net1.exe) was not found in C:\Documents and Settings\user.EXCHANGE\WINDOWS\system32. This will severly affect Dial-a-fix. Please extract

net.exe and net1.exe from your installation media and place them in the aforementioned folder. DAF will skip all NET commands until the file is present.

It does the exact same thing for the other command it uses. :(

The path variable is correct, contains windows folders but no user folders.

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Yes, it's being run from an Administrator account.

Take note that I'm using your program cause the server is shagged. :cake: (well, was at the time, it's fixed now)

It was a Windows Server 2003 SP2 Standard edition, the server was not the active directory machine nor was it exchange. It was running SQL and mainly used as a file server and ISA.

To give you a little insite to the problem I was faced with;

The server would boot, appear to the network users fine however when logging on locally the desktop (shell) didnt boot. I could get to command prompt via task manager. From there the services.msc wouldnt work, as MMC was de-registered. Re-registered that, all good. Did the same for all internet explorer dlls, all explorer dlls, appwiz.cpl, windows update, etc etc. I'm sure you know the drill.

In the short, its fixed now, but I'd love to be able to help with the development of this cool app.

You can email my username at turbo-a.net if that would be possible.


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Guest Fred Bosick

Yes, I have this too! The laptop and work computer running XP works just fine. However, my home computer runs Win2k3 and suffers from this malady. If I copy the "missing" files to the directory it searches, then those parts run, but there's no reason it shouldn't use the real WINDOWS directory. I know my path variable is OK. What would be cool is the ability to edit the path Dial-a -Fix is looking in. I am using the latest version. The path it insists on using is: C:\documents and settings\accountname.machinename\WINDOWS

Thank you.

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