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Stopping cryptsvc...how long?


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You can't really cancel once it is in this state, so kill the program however you can.

Apparently this has happened to a couple of people so far; I don't know why since I have not run into it myself. I almost don't know where to begin unless the computer was in front of me.

We would like some more information about your computer, so go ahead and post the log that is created when you first open Dial-a-fix (so I can get some system details).

What you may need to do is go the manual route: open cmd and run the commands Dial-a-fix runs manually.

Start > Run > cmd.exe

When the command prompt box opens, try:

net stop cryptsvc

This may generate an error after timing out, or it might tell you that it's not in a state to where you can send it a start or stop command. If that's the case, restart your computer and try net stop cryptsvc again to see what happens and then post about it here.

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Hope it Helps!!

Notes about this log:

1) "->" denotes an external command being executed, and "-> (number)" indicates

the return code from the previous command

2) Not all external command return codes are accurate, or useful

3) Sometimes commands return 0 (no error) even when they fail or crash

4) If an error occurs while registering an object, please send an email to:

dial-a-fix@DjLizard.net and include a copy of this log

DAF version: v0.60.0.24

--- System info ---

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

IE version: 7.0.5730.13

MPC: 76487-OEM

CPU: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GHz (~2390MHz)

CPU: CPU is 64-bit or has 64-bit extensions

CPU: 4 CPU cores present

BIOS: 6/15/2007

Memory (approx): 2047MB

Uptime: 0 hour(s)

Current directory: C:\Dial A Fix\Dial-a-fix-v0.60.0.24


3/29/2008 6:51:33 AM -- Dial-a-fix : [v0.60.0.24] -- started

6:51:34 AM | Policy scan started

6:51:34 AM | Policy scan ended - no restrictive policies were found

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I've had the same issue with the CRYPTSVC hanging when running DAF.

I found that in this particular instance, running the command manually to stop CRYPTSRV said that Panda TPsrv (antivirus and firewall) was dependent on the CRYPTSVC service so by stopping CRYPTSVC, it would also stop TPsrv. After agreeing to this by pressing 'Y' on the command prompt, it then shut both services down and I was able to kill DAF and start over.

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Guest philbu

yup, same with ZoneAlarm. CRYPTSVC was hanging, stumbled into this forum, so turned off the antivirus/firewall and then it all finished smoothly.

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