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Hello and greetings to all, from North Carolina.

TheWizardsBear (thewizardsbear@aol.com) is an independent user based testing facility for numerous Beta programs (commercial/freeware/shareware/GNU) and often run tests for developers, recreating a vast myriad of situations to test their programs capabilties and help stomp on those pesky bugs.

We DO NOT DO PROGRAMMING, we merely test, more often than not on request of users who are having problems with a Commercial end product (70% of the time problem is failure to read users guide or user knowledge), or BETA/Shareware/Freeware/GNU developers who just want our spin on their product.

We are NOT a FEE BASED nor DONATION based service. We give opinions of software or references to sites with known fixes and are a Shadow Beta Tester for several markets.

We happened across this particular site (though we stay current with several BBS) when a user from South Carolina was having problems with a program posted by djlizard, Dial-A-Fix..or so he thought. You can read our post, but it was a user problem and even the best developer can't anticipate ALL of what a user will do with or try to do with their program. As it turns out, the dial-a-fix program performed better than several Commercial "Fix It" programs we had tested and was actually simplier to use. (The user actually drove up here to bring us his computer!)

We look forward to reading the opinions posted on this site and enhancing our own knowledge.

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