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Three Cheers for Dial A Fix !


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For the last three weeks or so I have been gingerly tip-toeing around my frelling Windows XP registry, reading and re-reading the mind numbingly pedantic stuff on MS website, and going cross-eyed looking in other forums. But no way could I get rid of the frelling "Windows Installer cannot be accessed ..." error. WHAT A LOAD OF s***!!!! How the hell the people from Microsoft can look the world in the face while allowing that sort of thing to occur is beyond me ... Just ignore their consciences I suppose.

Well I finally found Dial a Fix, and it seems to have fixed it!!!!!


Fingers crossed, nothing else will stuff up with the spawn of Microsoft.

This Sandgroper is a very happy chappy just now.

:gold: Cheers!

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I just wanted to add a cheer to Dial-a-fix aswell. I've had trouble with windows update, and worked through all the solutions microsoft gave me. While it seems that dial-a-fix automatically does the same things I've just done manually, it actually solved my problem, while I failed =)

Thanks for the tool DjLizard

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