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Need exceptions made? error 127 C:\windows\system32\iesetup.dll; My version, iesetup.dll 8.00.6001.18702. is there a fix for this? these occur when running dial-a-fix. other fixes needed, imgutil.dll; inseng.dll; mshtml.dll; msrating.dll; occache.dll; pngfilt.dll; shdocvw.dll; webcheck.dll: would appreciate whatever help or advice you can give.

thx, tg:Email me

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Guest Henry Richards

This from "dial-a-fix" link to "daf hints" page:

DLL registration errors

Registration error 127

If you receive this error it simply means that Dial-a-fix is trying to register a file which is a different version than Dial-a-fix expects. In the case of older files, they may not have had registration capability before (such as old versions of qmgr.dll). In newer files, registration capability may have been removed. This is the case with newer versions of Internet Explorer (IE 7 and IE 8, namely) and other core Windows components. Microsoft has been removing registration capability from many core files recently. The current version of Dial-a-fix does not know what Internet Explorer 8 is, for instance, and will give you many error 127 dialogs for each file it can't register.

You can ignore 100% of the errors of type 127. Dial-a-fix has not changed your system at all because it is not possible to do so.

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