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I Love Dial a Fix But can it do this??

Guest Nambi

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Man Dial a fix is awesome my computer was working SOOOOOO slow I ran msconfig stopped so many programs, but still the computer was running terrible, I almost formatted it, ran dial a fix, registered all the reg entries and it's like a new computer THANKS!!

now for a difficult issue, my server win2k3 had a virus of some sort and the upperfilters on the keyboards were altered I've tried so many fixes and nothing I can't get the keyboard to work, it's not a keyboard issue I've tried usb ps2 etc and nothing works. should I try dial a fix and re register the dll's and registry options. My concern is it is a serve and I can't afford to mess it up but I need the keyboard to work. I can only type on the server when I RDP into it.


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