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KB953295 failed to install

Guest Nicholas Geti

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Guest Nicholas Geti

I was not able to install Turbo Tax. It complained that it could not upgrade .NET Framework to version 3.5. I have Googled for several hours and did not find a solution. There were lots of explanations about why the problem occurs but no answers. Some things I have tried were to remove all verions of .NET; uninstall Windows SP3; and reinstall .NET v1.0 but it fails to install KB953295.

Dial-a-fix also fails with a message:

"Error 214623574 was encountered while trying to register c:\windows\system32\mscoree.dll

$1Ý£££dial-a-fix currently has no suggestions"

I am also getting strange behavior in IE. For example, downloads fail just by never responding to the IE download page. Attempting to enter a request to lunarsoft fails because the text box won't accept typing.

I am running Windows Media Center Edition. All updates through SP3 were installed except for .NET

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