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Another trojan surfaces on the Mac yet again called BlackHole RAT

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A new trojan has appeared by the name of BlackHole RAT and it surprisingly is in beta. While this may sound strange or like a joke, security researchers assure it's the real deal. Turns out that BlackHole RAT is a variant of the free "remote administration tool" darkComet RAT for Windows. Despite being a new trojan that calls itself beta; the tool itself seems very comprehensive at this point in time.

At this time there is no known fix or way to catch this trojan. The best advice is Mac users, be careful what you run and when your OS prompts you for your password, known what the prompt is coming from. If you're still concerned there are anti-virus solutions for the Mac. Earlier this month Comodo released a free Mac antivirus alongside Sophos, who has long been known for its anti-malware solutions for the platform.

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