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Mirage Anti-Bot


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ZeuS, SpyEye and Palevo are infamous families of malware. These types of malware are spread mainly through drive-by downloads and phishing schemes. They are so-called Trojan horses which are designed to steal credentials from various online services like social networks (such as Facebook, Hi5, Yahoo, Netlog), online banking accounts (phising), ftp-accounts, email-accounts and other. They are part of botnets that are estimated to include millions of compromized computers.

These types of malware are notoriously difficult to detect or to remove from any computer. Even if a user has an up-to-date antivirus program installed, computers still can become infected.

Because your antivirus program is not always giving you enough protection against these types of malware, we have decided to create a program that can be used as an extra layer of security.


Mirage Anti-Bot will at first only protect against ZeuS. Blocking of other malware (SpyEye and Palevo) will be added soon. Mirage Anti-Bot will be downloading and installing one or more blocklists from www.abuse.ch, a Swiss-based anti-malware website. This effectively stops your computer from reaching infected sites, thus minimizing the risk to be infected with this extremely dangerous type of malware.

Download via here.

Mail me here for bugs, problems, questions or suggestions.

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Looks interesting.

Even if a user has an up-to-date antivirus program installed, computers still can become infected.

How true!

But trying to convince all users, especially those who think they "know it all" about computers, can be very difficult. Some users think that an AV "magically" catches everything and plugging-in an infected pendriive had nothing to do with it.


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