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AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers


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AVGSecurity firm AVG can sell search and browser history data to advertisers in order to "make money" from its free antivirus software, a change to its privacy policy has confirmed.

The updated policy explained that AVG was allowed to collect "non-personal data", which could then be sold to third parties. The new privacy policy comes into effect on 15 October, but AVG explained that the ability to collect search history data had also been included in previous privacy policies, albeit with different wording.

AVG's potential ability to collect and sell browser and search history data placed the company "squarely into the category of spyware", according to Alexander Hanff security expert and chief executive of Think Privacy.

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Correct. But every antivirus company must have some sort of business model to remain in buniness. Some offer paid versions, some use adware, some sell collected non-personal data and some even try to eradicate their competitors.

Kaspersky is one of the antivirus companies that tried to 'rub out' AVG. Plus, Eugene Kaspersky was once a member of the KGB. Would you trust him?

More information here.



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