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ShareX 10.9.1

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Take a screenshot or a screencast, have it uploaded and get the URL copied to your clipboard with a single hotkey. ShareX supports over 50 different image, text, and file hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastebin etc. Also supports many URL shortening and sharing services. Upload any files using configurable hotkeys, clipboard upload, drag and drop or from the Windows Explorer context menu. Including useful tools like a screen color picker, an image editor, a ruler, a DNS changer, a QR code generator, a directory indexer and more.


  • Removed Copy file uploader because service is discontinued
  • Update Greenshot image editor to 1.2.9 version (by @campbeb)
  • Single instance improvements to support multiple file upload from Windows Explorer properly (by @campbeb)
  • Added raw URL option to Pastebin and GitHub Gist
  • Moved Quick task menu’s "Continue" button to top of the menu
  • Added AcceptInvalidSSLCertificates option to Application settings -> Advanced tab which can be used by people who using self signed certificates
  • File name pattern will be applied to "Upload from URL" method too
  • Will not show window/control hover areas anymore in screen color picker

Download: ShareX 10.9.1 | Portable
View: ShareX Home Page

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