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ShareX 11.0.1

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Take a screenshot or a screencast, have it uploaded and get the URL copied to your clipboard with a single hotkey. ShareX supports over 50 different image, text, and file hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastebin etc. Also supports many URL shortening and sharing services. Upload any files using configurable hotkeys, clipboard upload, drag and drop or from the Windows Explorer context menu. Including useful tools like a screen color picker, an image editor, a ruler, a DNS changer, a QR code generator, a directory indexer and more.


  • Added annotation support inside region capture. In region capture you can right click to open menu which you can select annotation tool, capture fullscreen/monitor or be able to change region capture options. You can use middle click to cancel capture.
    • These are the currently available annotation tools:
      • Region
        • Rectangle
        • Rounded rectangle
        • Ellipse
      • Drawing
        • Rectangle
        • Rounded rectangle
        • Ellipse
        • Line
        • Arrow
        • Text
        • Step
      • Effect
        • Blur
        • Pixelate
        • Highlight
    • You can change these settings from region capture options menu:
      • Multi region mode
      • Show tips
      • Show position and size info
      • Show magnifier
      • Square shape magnifier
      • Magnifier pixel count
      • Magnifier pixel size
      • Show screen wide crosshair
      • Fixed size region mode
      • Show FPS
  • Added option to disable annotation support via "Task settings window -> Region capture tab"
  • Removed "Region (Annotate)" capture because default region capture has annotation support now
  • Added "Text capture (OCR)" to capture menu
  • Also added "Recognize text (OCR)" option to "After capture tasks" menu
  • Added lithi.io file uploader (by @lithium720)
  • Added sli.mg image uploader
  • Added option in "Destination settings, Email tab" to send email to a specific email address without requiring user prompt
  • Added icons for "After capture tasks" menu and "After upload tasks" menu items; checked items text will now display as bold
  • Added Copy dropdown button in "Color picker" window with the following items to be able to copy specific color type:
    • All
    • RGB
    • Hexadecimal
    • CMYK
    • HSB
    • Decimal
    • Position
  • Added "SaveSettingsAfterTaskCompleted" setting to "Application settings, Advanced tab" and enabled by default, this setting saves all settings after each task completed but only if there is no other active task (so if there are 50 tasks running in same time only after all tasks completed, settings will save) reason for this setting is because in few people while Windows shutdown does not let ShareX to save settings therefore having this option allows to secure settings in this situations
  • Region capture tips will show in active monitor instead of primary monitor
  • "Quick task menu" and "After capture window" after capture tasks now can be used in all image related tasks
  • Before uploading ShareX will check current destination config requirements and if config is not valid then will stop the task, warn user about invalid config and open destination settings window with current upload destination tab selected so user can check config easily
  • Added Shift + C hotkey to main window list to be able to copy selected file
  • Added tip icon to top right corner of main window to show tips and hotkeys that can be used in main window
  • Added support to be able to drag file from main window list to Windows Explorer or any other software (Holding Ctrl while dragging will copy URL or file path instead of file)
  • Added custom region hotkeys for "Screen recording" and "Screen recording (GIF)"
  • Added "Select region" button for custom region option in "Task settings, Capture tab", this custom region option is used with custom capture hotkeys
  • Added Text to speech support for capture and task completed sounds in "Task settings -> Advanced tab"
  • All picture boxes in ShareX will now show image size when hovered with cursor
  • Added DisableUpload setting to "Application settings, Advanced tab" which can disable uploading in whole application
  • Added TrayTextMoreInfo setting to "Application settings, Advanced tab" which shows version and build info in tray icon tooltip which can be handy if you are running multiple ShareX build in same time
  • ShareX now uses system colors in all UI as possible to support custom themes such as Windows high contrast theme correctly
  • Added image drag & drop support to "Image combiner" tool
  • Added direct URL support for Streamable
  • Added tray button click options to "Application settings" window to be able to change which task to execute. If tray primary double click action is None then single primary click action can execute immediately without wait for double click check
  • Added "Open main window" hotkey
  • Added settings window to Greenshot Image Editor to be able to change few settings
  • Location of custom setting file paths will be stored in %LocalAppData%\ShareX\PersonalPath.cfg so that way it will be specific to user account and also allows to change it without requiring to run ShareX as admin. If you already have PersonalPath.cfg where ShareX.exe is then it would still work as usual
  • Added "Maximum image limit" option to Image History window to be able to improve load speed of images in case if you have high amount of images
  • Added screen tearing test button to monitor test tool
  • Allow drag n drop file support to hash check window
  • Added upload duration to debug log separate from task duration to be able to measure upload time properly
  • Main window right click "Clear list" button will also clear recent history now
  • Added toast window fade duration setting to "Task settings, Advanced tab"

Download: ShareX  | Portable
Source: ShareX Home Page

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