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Found 2 results

  1. So I got to see Godzilla yesterday in theaters. I really liked it a LOT. But I'm also a Godzilla fan. I wrote up my thoughts of what they could have improved on after seeing the movie. Far, far better than that abomination known as Godzilla (Zilla, 1998) --- Caution: This post may contain spoilers. But the spoilers will be marked as such. --- Considering that they didn't use Suitimation (how the Toho series Godzilla movies are done) they still did a nice job overall. The nods to Godzilla were awesome. Dr. Serizawa, for example. They did a great job with his roar as well. Though they should have had it in there a bit more, and clearer too. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the movie lacked key Godzilla elements. Since Legendary made this Godzilla, it was a bit like the fights in Pacific Rim. That is, the fight sequences were not very clear. Dust, smoke, debris and things like that obscure the view of the monsters. Why is this bad? I went to see Godzilla. To SEE Godzilla and enjoy the monsters fighting. Which leads to my next point... The overall screen time for Godzilla felt like it was 15 minutes or less. The movie itself is said to run for 2 hours and 6 minutes. What gives with giving your KEY ATTRACTION such little screen time? (Note: I'm omitting the time where all you see are his dorsal fins. Even then it wasn't much.) It didn't feel like Godzilla was the main character. The lack of the always classic Godzilla theme. How can you have Godzilla yet not have the Godzilla theme? For anyone who wants to know what I'm referring to: Near the end, Godzilla's feet looked really weird too, like... not right at all... I may add more to this later.
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