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Opera 9 Beta 2 (Build 8414)


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Hi, You may download the Browser with the provided (If you want :eyeroll: )

Link: Download!

Have any comments you'd like to make? Feel free and say anything you'd like or dislike about the Browser.

Note: As all members know, These are Opinions! There's no reason to say that another member should go to this or... that. It's your choice to go towards which Browser. I perfer Opera for my own reasons....

1. Loads Text, Images before viewing page

2. Nice pop-blocker but not the best...

3. Clear and smooth look

4. May have a CPU Issue but the're working on it

5. To me (#1 download manager)

6. Skins and nothing more...

7. Wand! to save passwords and account name quickly and safely

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So far I really like it. I noticed there is no version or build difference noted in "About Opera" though. They're both listed as 9.00 Beta Build 8414.

I like the Widgets feature and it seems to load pages very quickly.

My only small gripes are it doesn't support Rich Text Editing in forums and I can't figure out how to load Bookmarks from an HTML file.

I just need to remember to stop automatically using Firefox and give Opera an extended tryout...

EDIT: I just noticed that when using the Analog Clock Widget CPU Usage pegs at 100% compared to 20% to 25% when I close it but I didn't notice any effect on performance...

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I ran into that myself. I don't use those features though. I just tested them out. Hopefully when the final release comes, things will be good.

I'm really enjoying it. Opera is the only browser that I use other then IE. Imageshack does not seem to work with Opera. I wonder why...

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