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Microsoft: Shortcut 'trick' is legitimate feature

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What do you all think about this? I don't like it.

"A Windows shortcut "trick," which could allow an executable file to be launched when a user types a Web address into Internet Explorer, is not a security vulnerability, Microsoft said.

Using Windows XP and Internet Explorer, a user could type in a Web address--such as www.microsoft.com--into a browser, and instead of launching the Web site the browser would run an executable file located on the user's computer.

To test the so-called trick, try the following:

• Right click on the Desktop and create a new Shortcut

• Point the shortcut to an executable--such as c:\windows\system32\calc.exe

• Call the shortcut www.microsoft.com

• Start Internet Explorer and type "www.microsoft.com" into the address bar

If the shortcut is then deleted--or the characters "http://" are added before the "www" in the browser address bar--then IE will once again connect to the Internet as expected. "

ZD Net

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yea i heard about that on digg. its pretty interesting with the things you can do with that. it gets a little deeper than you described. for like office pranks, you could save abc.com's main page to a co workers computer, edit the newstitles and stuff to be humorous, then hide it on their computer with the name of www.abc.com. so whenever he/she types it in next, it would show up with your edited page


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