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Microsoft to start charging for Office 2007 Beta 2

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From the article:

"The Redmond Company has announced that Office 2007 Beta 2 has reached the 3 million downloads milestone, and that it will implement a payment system for any additional downloads. Microsoft stated that it is going to charge $1.5 for a single download come August 2. This measure was deemed necessary considering that the demand for Microsoft’s latest Office Suite has bested all expectations by 500% and that average downloads ranging from 550MB to 2GB have, like was the case with Vista, stretched Microsoft’s network capabilities to their maximum."

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-t...a-2-31347.shtml

Get it while it's still free :P

edit: the beta goes to payment mode this monday. so hurry up and dl if you want it ;P

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