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Windows 98SE Unofficial Service Pack


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Microsoft has never released a service pack for Windows98 SE. But I made a Service Pack for Windows98 SE users. It contains all Windows98 SE updates from Windows Update site and more.

It is a self-extracting and self-installing pack like Microsoft's update files. Thus, you cannot choice individual files. However, the pack installs only required fixes for your system. Uninstallation is possible from Add-Remove Programs. However, I don't recommend uninstallation of the pack, if you don't face any problem.

This is *only* for WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION ENGLISH. I highly recommend that you should backup your system before installing the pack. You must have at least 32 MB of RAM.

It contains only operating system updates. It does NOT contain Internet Explorer 6, DirectX 9, Media Player 9 and their updates.

For support and discussion, please go to the MSFN Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack forum.

Known problems:

* Some old audio drivers</span> (like Crystal CS423x) are not compatible with SP 2.x. Please, update your audio drivers, if you have problem.

* Uninstallation needs Windows 98 SE CD-ROM. It also doesn't remove all installed files. It only reverts back half of the installed files with original 98 SE files. So, It is not recommended that you do not uninstall the pack, unless you are having a serious problem.

Important notes:

* If you installed SP 2.x previously, just install this version without uninstalling old version.

* If you want to make a localized version of this pack, you can find BAT (for making CAB files), and SED (for IEXPRESS) files as an attachment in this post. For more information about localization, you can look at Petr's post.

* Unattended installation support is added, but it only installs "Main Updates/Hotfixes" part. For unattended installation, use this command:

sesp21a-en.exe /q

I highly recommend using this if you are still using Windows 98SE on your computer. This unofficial service pack holds numerous fixes for Windows 98SE.

Download Locations:

Filesize: 16.6MB

Type: *.exe

md5: 10cde8dc76f00e78e874094580b70d2d

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