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Win 2000 graphics and video adaptors


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A while back I posted on ccleaner about problems getting the right drivers for a mates Win 2000 comp, which incidentally Dj started to help me with just before he declared he was never going to post on there anymore.

Anyway, since that time, I managed to get everything working OK, except for the graphics, and got to the stage where I just did not want to try anymore graphics drivers, because they all claimed to be the right one but never were.

As a last resort, my mate bought a Radeon 7000 graphics card, which I installed, and thought everything would be OK.

However when we went to play a DVD on the comp, we got an error message stating no graphics adaptor was installed.

Is a graphics adaptor nothing to do with the radeon installation then?

When I restart the comp, I get a wizard asking if I want to install a Video Controller, is this the graphics adaptor?



When I check Device Manager, it shows that a Video Controller is not installed.



Where do I go from here?

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It came with the drivers on CD, and all seem to be installed OK.

What I need to know is:

Is the video controller and graphics adaptor the same thing?

Shouldn't they have been installed from the CD that came with the graphics card?

Or am I missing something?

(The answer to this is probably, Yes).

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The VGA controller with the question mark is the onboard one. See if you can go into your BIOS (hit DEL or F1 or F2 when first turning the PC on) and see if you can find a way to disable it. Barring that, you could just right click on it and choose disable, I think (not sure if it works on devices that aren't fully installed yet). Once you get rid of that VGA controller, the DVD player software will probably realize that the secondary controller (the Radeon) is the main video adapter.

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Could not really decipher all the settings in the BIOS, so decided not to alter anything.

I was able to disable the one with the question mark in device manager, but this had no effect, I was still getting the error message, which is this:


The problem can't be a), he has plenty of memory.

Can't be B), nothing else is running.

Has to be c), which I guess is where the wrong adaptor is trying to be used.

I have admitted defeat, and told him to take it to a shop now.

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