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Songbird 0.2

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Songbird 0.2 has been released for developers who want to explore Songbird's features and potential without waiting until 1.0

"Today, we proudly launch Songbird 0.2 "Developer Preview". Start your download now.

Songbird 0.2 is a preview release to let developers and early birds who can’t wait for 1.0 explore Songbird’s potential. Check the release notes.

Songbird has already attracted some birdwatchers. Ross Karchner at Ross Notes says, "It’s like taking iTunes, ripping out the music store, and replacing it with the rest of the internet." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you haven’t yet, have a look at our Songbird 0.2 screencast to learn what Songbird can do today: http://songbirdnest.com/screencast"

watch the screencast, its amazing


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