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Microsoft Confirms IE7 Address Bar Flaw


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One person commented....

By Mutal1ty

posted Oct 28, 2006 - 7:33 PM

Here's the thing, 99% of the hackers aren't "attacking the browser" they are "finding loopholes, and ways around microsofts security to attack (or severely p*** you off in the case of spyware) YOU ... NOT the **** browser. and they aren't doing it "because they hate microsoft" Its because no matter how much the other browsers improve or expand.. they will always be "an option" something someone has to download and install on the OS that you already have. and because of that the most used browser by FAR is STILL IE, THATS why it is targeted....

The hackers...they are doing it because they have a goal, to get either force information on you through spy ware or malicious code that guarantees you get thier pop ups and in turn make them money OR they want information from you like say, your browsing habits to determine what spam you'll click or even your financial info so they can steal your identity and your money.

and as for microsoft attacking the little people? lol well its not so much as "attacking" as learning from 3rd party ideas and innovations and improving them to keep their own products more desirable, Tabbed browsing, popup blockers, phishing alerts, all of these may have been implimented by other people but they are all the evolution of internet browsing due to the growing hostility and aggressivness of the small "evil" people who are finding the internet a whole wide new world for crime and easy money. Tabbewd browsing though... they just ganked that one lol. But hey, ie7 would just suck without this resource saving addon..

I for one can't stand microsoft for the simple fact that I have spent many many a nights reinstalling thier OS due to corrupt files, blue screens of death, etc. But I can also say that they have come strides since windows 3.11->95->98->XP, and I have to admit that with my experience has come the vivid fact that their OS has become MUCH more stable, and I am confident Longhorn will be even MORE so. I remember doing scheduled backups, formats and reinstalls of my home pc because 95, and 98se were so unstable after 4-6 months of daily use.. after the 1st service pack in XP I stopped doing it. Now I only do a clean install after upgrading my MOBO/CPU. So you see even though they are hated by everyone and their mother, they are in the end a BUSINESS, with a PRODUCT, and they have GOALS and PROFIT MARGINS to meet and STOCKHOLDERS to please. Its a dog eat dog world and Microsoft is the Big a** Bear with a velcro tail and a practiced bark. If you wanna compete, buck up l3itches join forces, quit fighting amongst your selves, its gonna take more than one doberman to take down a bear.

What a nice way of putting it. Hope this helps within the main news page :love:

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