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Php Hit Counter

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Not the best, but a little something i made for you all :love:

First create your a text file named "count.txt" and put the number 0 in it, then save it.

Upload it and chmod is at 0666

Next open a text editor, and create a file called count.php and put the following code in:


// Copyright (c) Josh Gould 

$COUNT_FILE = "count.txt"; // File DB that holds ur amount of hits 

if (file_exists($COUNT_FILE)) { 

 ? $fp = fopen("$COUNT_FILE", "r+"); 

 ? flock($fp, 1); ?

 ? $count = fgets($fp, 4096); ?

 ? $count += 1; ?// Adds one count to file for hits 

 ? fseek($fp,0); ?

 ? fputs($fp, $count); ?

 ? flock($fp, 3); ?

 ? fclose($fp); ?

 ? echo "Hits: <b>"; 

 ? include "$COUNT_FILE"; 

 ? echo "</b><!-- hit counter by Josh Gould at http://scripts.joshrcc.com -->"; 

} else { 

 ? echo "Can't find file, check '\$file'<BR>"; // Error message 


Then when ever you want to count people's hits, just use this code:

include 'count.php';


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its very simple, however you will have to use php files instead of html files.

Example on how to include files using php


include "files.html";


When you go to include the files, it can be any type of file, but where you put the script above has to be in a php file for it to work.

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