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IE 6 Encounters a problem and needs to close?


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I have googled and come across a lot of talk of issues like mine, and some talk about corrupt IE6 and others malware on the computer.

Ouf software tech has checked out the latter extensively and there is no malware.

My notebook is a toshiba mx50-m5, xpsp2 about 2 yrs old.

The issue is intermittent. "IE has encountered a problem and must close"

I should also say I keep emptying out my "temp files".

MY IE 6 is:

App Vers. 6.0.2900.2180

Mod Name: comctl32.dll

Mod Ver: 5.82.2900.2982


I have tried this fixundefined

I had no issues with "sfc /scannow" and went on to the remaining steps.

When I got to the second last sentence "Right click ie.inf and click Install on the context menu." I got an error that read " File 'Explore.Exe' not found. Please verify the correct name was given.

And I could go no further.

I am not a tech and the thread to do a repair at your site was via another forum.

What I am wondering is if I try to correct IE 6 through this "Dial a Fix" whether it can affect my other system files or does it just try to repair IE6 and if that fails I would then take it to a software tech to get him to reinstall if that is possible. I know that I could not reinstall it myself.

The tech at the office said to try to install IE6 over top, however I get the message that my version is newer and therefore an install can't be performed.

I would really appreciate a response.

Being that it is a toshiba notebook, windows of course does not have a separate CD, all the programs are bundled together.

Thankyou for your time.


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While Dial-a-fix will not break anything for you any more than it already is, it most likely won't solve your issues since it performs sort of a different function.

The first thing you should do is rid yourself of any spurious Internet Explorer add-ons, by checking Add/Remove programs for toolbars. AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo, Verizon, Starware, MyWay, Earthlink, and a lot of other vendors make toolbars that can crash IE. Remove all of them. In some cases they are the problem.


Regarding right-clicking IE.INF, are you sure it said it couldn't find "explorer.exe"? Did you mean "rundll32.exe" by any chance?

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No it definitely is "explorerexe.", I just went through the steps again.

As far as add-ons the only one is the Google bar and I have had that on for some time.

And I don't really understand the error "comctl32.dll", even with my googling.

Thus after posts in several forums this one was suggested.

I really appreciate your upfront comments, I simply don't know what to do in this situation.

I guess that I will have to take it into a techie, as I mentioned it doesn't do it all of the time and since I a non-techie I don't know what to observe and note down when it happens.

Thankyou for your time. Any other ideas? Should I rid of whole Google task bar even though I have had it for awhile??

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Hi, I am not quite sure " it performs sort of a different function" means, I was referred to this site by another Forum and would really appreciate comments as to what function this Tool does as the forum Mod suggested this site.


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Well, Dial-a-fix will register the DLLs that belong to your operating system, but usually, this crash is caused by third party plugins.

Have you checked for toolbars and add-ons yet? Uninstall things like:

Google toolbar

Yahoo toolbar

AOL toolbar

Earthlink toolbar

Verizon toolbar

...and so on.

You can also post a Hijack This! log which will show us yet more Internet Explorer add-ons. Please post one.

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IE6 is outdated, upgrade to IE7.

Or even better Mozilla Firefox.

If you use an old browser, then its dangerous to surf, because it is vulnerable to bugs, exploits / security holes.

Don't post in my forum if you don't know the exact answer that actually fixes the problem.

Edit: upgrading to IE7 is like "upgrading" to Vista, not to mention that this rarely works (and often ends up worse). Sometimes installing IE7 and then rolling back to IE6 works, but this doesn't sound like that kind of a problem. It sounds like an extensions problem.

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