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cannot receive emails


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I have just got a brand new Dell 9200

I have installed all of my old software packages and a new broadband isp and everything seemed to be fine. BUT. When I try to pick up my emails from the new isp using Outlook Express, it keeps prompting for the user name and password, ad infinitum, until I click cancel and it gives me the errors 0x800CCC90 and 0x800CCC92, saying it does not like the user name or password, but it will let me send email.

After several days of trial and error, I have discovered that my new isp has changed the information that makes up the user name, but didn't bother to mention it when I checked with their support team. Their idea now of a user name is simply an email address - ie the old user name plus "@isp.country etc.

I now no longer have a problem, but I sure that others will. :hello:

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