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Hello to ALL and a Thank you for Resolution!

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Hi Gang...Just had 2 days of PC disaster and then PC Heaven! Below my wife's letter to a Microsoft support person:

Hi Maggie, I just got up and wanted to send a "disregard" email on confirmation number: 1043844819 on the MS updating problem, but saw your email to me. My husband had installed a new motherboard/ cpu as my old pc burnt up. Thank goodness he had upgraded my old Win 98 with XP Home retail boxed OS. He built my new PC yesterday with a new MSI MoBo and AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 dual core, he tells me that when Vista OS comes up with SP1, he wants to upgrade the XP machines to it. Well, to make a long story short he saved my hard drives with important files of mine and put them into the new PC. He did the install with repair option using the retail box XP Home CD SP2 and all went very well and did some updates (including the 3.1 installer) until 78 more updates downloaded fine, but kept failing to install. After hours of searching Microsoft for resolutions, he drilled down into a customer support group and found the answer!! He downloaded a free program called "Dial-A-Fix" that said it would resolve these problems and YES, it fixed the problem. It runs through routines that may include some of your suggestions and then some more. The 78 updates installed smoothly and he even went back to MS for 5 additional software updates and 1 driver update. All is now up to date and my PC is running quicker and better than ever. Bring on Vista SP1 !! Oh, he says we should get a good PCIe dedicated video card to see this Aero glass stuff, COOOOL??? Thank You for your dedication to Microsoft products and help to us, Jane

Well..that's a "Long Winded" how do you do...Thank you Lunarsoft!! DjLizard Rocks

Dial-A-Fix [V0.60.0.24]

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