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Processor Changes

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Prestancia - New on the block. Passing on the following FYI (Hope I'm not presumptuous):

Intel revamps CPU lineup

Intel Corporation has recently announced the discontinuance of a large number of processors to make room for new models based upon their 45 nanometer manufacturing process. Processors getting the last rites include the nearly gone Pentium D, Pentium 4, and Celeron D. Also approaching the chopping block are the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and all Intel Core 2 Duo models running on a 1067 MHz FSB. This includes the E6300 through E6700 processors. In the mobile department, all Core 2 Duo models running on a 667 MHz FSB will be phased out in favor of 800 MHz FSB versions.

Due in November is the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650; a very fast, $1000+ quad-core processor aimed at well-heeled consumers and media/video professionals. Less expensive versions for the rest of us will arrive in January 2008.

Intel NetBurst micro-architecture nears extinction in the marketplace

After more than seven years in production, Intel’s NetBurst architecture has come to a quiet close. NetBurst gave us the Pentium 4, P4 Celeron, Celeron D, and the Pentium D plus a host of workstation and server class processors most of us never heard of. Already dropped by Dell and the other top tier manufacturers, limited production of some models will continue into mid-2008 for spares and cheap lower tier computer makers. NetBurst - RIP.

Intel to discontinue single core desktop CPUs

In a real shakeup, Intel is reportedly discontinuing single core desktop processors. They will phase out the Celeron 400 and introduce the Celeron Dual-Core E1000 series in early 2008. We should welcome this news as Windows Vista does not run very well with a single core CPU.

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