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Thanks- I donated DID YOU- Come On Guys

Guest Todd R

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Your program fixed my update issue and I also quit getting messages regarding certificates. Thanks for your efforts. I donated $10 via Paypal. I don't mind paying someone for their hard work when it works. It is the commercial crap that you buy that never performs as stated that ticks me off. I hope others will send what they can if they found your program useful. Otherwise what incentive does anyone like yourself have to spend time developing solutions to issues with OTHER peoples programs (such as Microsoft).


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So I take it that is your rational for NOT donating to a cause that probably saved your butt, a lot of time and perhaps some money as well.

Save money? Just re-install the operating system.

I have never personally benefited from Dial-a-fix (yet), though I see how its an useful utility which have have helped many peopled.

I would never donate to something that wasn't open source.

I wouldn't be very interested in donating to an application that someone would use so little, its something you run once, then you probably won't run it again. I would probably have more motivation to donate to something I use daily or often.

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