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Replace Failing Hard Drive


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I have a HP xw4200 workstation that is warning me of a hard drive failure.

I ordered a new hard drive that should be here tomorrow.

Is there an easy way to transfer everything so I can get the new drive to replace the old one.

It is still functioning

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If you're tech-savvy (or brave) you can use Linux and ddrescue to make an exact clone of your current drive to the new drive. I recommend that you stop using that computer altogether until you have both drives in your possession. The new drive will need to be exactly the same size as (or larger than) your current drive (in sectors/LBA).

You can read this article I wrote which shows you how everything works:


It's not very well-written or end-user friendly (yet) but it gets the point across. Don't forget to specify a log file parameter when using ddrescue.

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