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Dial-a-Fix Hung at CRYPTSVC


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I am a new member, I am a coffee farmer in Hawaii and an ex silicon valley type. I had a problem with my desktop running XP Pro and heard about Dial-a Fix in an XP blog. I installed v0.60.0.24 of DAF and checked Prep, MSI and WU/WUAU. DAF added Fix SSL ......

All went well until "Stopping CRYPTSVC" and the computer has been hung there for the last 3 hours. I have never used DAF but I figure there must be a problem.

What to Do???

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Welcome to the forums, davew.

Please click the green checkmark in Dial-a-fix and then click Go. After that, click the Log button and get us a copy of the log.

[ Moved to DjLizard Software ]

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